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Cort Earth

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User reviews on Cort Earth products

Cort Earth 100 (Cort - Earth100)

By MGR/Brad, 16/11/2003
Bought new at local music store for $200. I talked to some people about it and was recommended this guitar. I wanted to buy the best guitar for roughly 200 bucks and i came to this decision after lots of research.

The tone and sound is superb. Truly one of a kind in it's class. A great guitar for the money. The action and neck is great. Came is Elixir strings.

Doesn't look as good as the more expensive guitars.

Built very well. Very sturdy. Haven't had any problems.

Great guitar for those who want to save money and for those who just want a great guitar.

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A small folk quite playable (Cort - Earth-Mini)

By Evilmarmotte, 11/03/2013
It is a folk compacre mahogany with a solid spruce top. It comes with a custom cover.


It looks like a guitar for children, but do not be fooled, the instrument is very playable and no comparison with what is usually found in this price range. The action is low but frieze, the intonation is right and the handle is very nice, closer to his hand an electric jig as a folk.


The Cort Mini has a small box, the bass is thus substantially more timid than a conventional folk, though the sound is quite ample and music, I had several entry-level folk that sounded so much " cardboard. "


I chose this model because I wanted a small instrument not too loud (I'm in an apartment) and affordable. In my opinion this is not really Cort competition as baby taylor mini and other folk market are all much more expensive (but not necessarily better).

Satisfactory for personal use (Cort - Earth70)

By Coolmos2007, 06/02/2014
-Made in China

-20 Frets used the dreadnought format makes use of acute less easy


- Mechanical part made rubber is a black dot finish: mechanical seems fragile and need to be careful so that it does not break


- Nice round carefree

- Must pay attention to the tuning due to the fragile mechanical

- Additional location on the handle to put the strap is a good


I bought it for the sound and I'm not disappointed for the use I made. I did order online through a proxy blind and therefore according to the opinions on the forum and I'm happy even if I have paid twice the price here in my country because of this intermediate person. (There is no dealer of this brand here in our country far from civilization)


I just acquired, but compared to my yamaha F310 guitar is a laminated table, there is no photo on his side: it is more powerful and richer. On the forum, the users claim that it improves over time with the massive table: I hope they are right and this heralds good promises.

However, the mechanical part is rubber but did ask questions, this may be justified by the price range of the guitar. In any case, if it is for personal use: to practice playing without pay to others, only the family or a representation to the limit in the parish, it's perfect. But if it is handled by a large number of people as in a studio or on stage, I fear for the life of the mechanics.

It's good but not great (Cort - Earth 100FTF)

By marcofromtheshot, 03/09/2014
Maple Solid spruce, Manche
Maple body Rosewood
Fishman Classic 4 + Gloss
Fishman Sonicore

NB: matt varnish the table is nice but I not sure if in the long run it's really what there is of better. The mechanics are basic oil baths.


The handle is not Ovation or Morris but ok, and then it's not the same price either: it is moderately stocky, more suited for Ryhthm and picking the lead for my taste. I have not yet found the ideal balance between the tension, the height and angle of the handle. It is demanding, and do not remember the lack of vigilance and travil left hand.


We are in a very folk sound, a little acoustic round. Once amplified, it makes the job very well and she reveals what she was made. Tip: If you use it on a tube amp, pay attention to the excess treble, all combined equalizations. In this configuration, coupled with a well-tuned GE7 boss for example, it becomes very beautiful.


Correct and well equipped folk. If acoustic pure it does not get high the walls but it is still, it is amplified once it gets interesting. Very handy in concert situations or live recording. A good compromise for a good price / quality ratio. To see if other brands, such as Yamaha, one would not find a bit more charm for the same price.