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Cort EVL

Cort EVL-K2

User reviews on Cort EVL products

Stealth black (Cort - EVL-Z6)

By ericthegreat, 24/11/2011
The Cort EVL Z6 guitar is a Korean made guitar that is made for sound and quality. It comes in a stealth black design and looks very clean. The sound of it is very clean as well. A good friend of mine has this guitar so I have a chance to play around with it from time to time. Only thing that I really didn’t like about the guitar was the feel of it. It just didn’t feel like anything I was use to like the Les Pauls, Gibson’s, or any other brand. I am not sure if it’s the fact that Korea used a different material or not. But the sound isn’t affected at all by the feel.


This guitar can play anything from country to rock to blues. I have even been playing classical on the thing and it sounds great. The sustain is awesome. I love the 60's style neck. I have smaller hands and can play this neck very well. The coil tapping kind of gives you the best of both worlds, either single or double coil and when you start to mix the 2 you can get some awesome combination.


You can and will get a very nice sound with this guitar pretty easy. All of the frets are easy to reach without any problems.


With an amazing sound this guitar can go toe toe with almost any other guitar in its price range. The down side for me is the feel. If it doesn’t feel right to me than I wont purchase it. Even though a friend of mine owns it, I wouldn’t go out and purchase it anyways. But without that Gibson feel, I just cant get too funky with it. But I love the all black stealth look. Not too many guitars go with that look any more, it was a faze a few years back but not anymore.

The ideal scraper - favorite (Cort - EVL-K4)

By bloodjob, 18/10/2013
A beautiful Korean lady, dressed all in black, with nice pentagrames repere as a handle, a sublime cross key 12 to 16 ... satin paint, handle end and well fretted over 24 boxes.

Equipped with the famous pink floyd and EMG HZ pickups (I will return it, what a nice surprise!), It is shaped to the metal.

I hate guitars bad taste like van halen or some steve vai, green and purple, I wanted the sober, the dark! It may be sad and old gothic veins that size but at least I'm not the clown with air.


It's great to play. I especially like riffer on sleeves for the relatively small boxes. I was overwhelmed. Aside from my dean and my typed washburn dimebag darrell, I have no other guitar with the first seven boxes as nice. It is small without being jumbo. Stratoidale modern form with the pan-cut levels of acute easy access to past cases. But it is not all that convinced me. The violin is excellent, holding agreement du.floyd and regularity of the handle are she is granted without flinching despite my game bears.


I bought it on a favorite. I was left to take my seven strings of the EVL series (for eeeeviiiiiillllll!) Of at Cort. Then she kept seeing good agreement but no more, I tested the little sister six strings, saying that ultimately granted drop.tuning and a lower tone with a big pulling strings, I will the same result! Except that in addition, pink floyd rigged with a stack below (or a bolt, or a piece of wood!) She was able to pick up in the triplet flinching.

And like all metalheads without soul or personality, my first idea was to transfer the two passive EMG him to graft a set of Zakk Wylde EMG active pickups. I have two guitars anyway in active EMG. I never tested these microphones. Well what a wonderful surprise! While an active send more sauce, but it still lacks much soul, there is nothing to do. Farewell and clear sounds. There I rediscovered the pure joy of playing it. I love the look of these pickups because they are super versatile. So, I have given the guitar normally and not like a savage.


I just got it and I've spent dozens of hours playing it. It will not replace my JS100 or my dean dimebag, but what guitar! I find visually sublime, and play is a treat. No change 'to do, it sends the original steak. A pleasant surprise that will make me buy the guitar sister, k6, fitted it into active EMG. History to be able to give in to drop and keep un.son.d 'special asshole with lethal metal. Very nice surprise this series!

My favorite skyscraper. And loooooin. (Cort - EVL-K6)

By bloodjob, 30/09/2014
We will not go back on it. She is severely burnée. Tailored for the métoool. Between the EMG 81 AND 85 active duo beat up the riff and solo send the ebony fretboard which I think good so beautiful and wonderful to play and that keeps out floyd mullet I make him live ... What? I bought the satin black model, fascinated by inlays shaped Pentacles and the cross that goes from the box 11 15 Magnificent. But when I saw her in Pearl white, my heart missed a beat: I must have it. It's done.


The ebony fretboard. A poem. The finish is remarkable, worthy of the high-end unaffordable I taierai name. Iba ... sorry! The playability is awesome. A superstrate with the volume and the amplitude in the body. The hoop is remarkable.


With this kind of microphones, we can consider it. But if it is part of the EVL range, it is not aimed at the times christophe maé (albeit in white ...). In short, for those who love metal screaming, it's a treat. I had good schecter, esp, ibanez, gibson hands and I always come back to that one. Not too big as a dean, not too heavy or thick as a Gibson or with the handle of a lumberjack as the strat, it lays the foundation for what should be a quality choice for all metalheads a little concerned about his investment. Perfect for intermediate and advanced players will not be enough, I think, address the absolute purists.


I've had guitars. A tétrachiée. But all my gratounes, this is the one, and his little sister, z2 that offer playability that I have not found on any other guitar that win my support. When I want to play seriously, amplified, I go white K6 or black depending on the mood. And when I tinker, compose, I'm either on the cort evl Z2 or on my Line 6 Variax 500.

Cort is a brand really underestimated, and I find it relatively unfair. I was bruised repeatedly by clowns who know nothing strictly to the properties of certain woods, er some alchemy thinking that by a thousand balls in a custom Ibanez with EMG autont they sound killer. Ben not necessarily! And my guitar has 600 balls coming out ten times better in the mix as their golden board, it freaks them a good pair of glands

Morality? Be tested. No a priori either. When I saw a guy show up with Cort, I thought it was a newbie or idle. I think twice now

Marshall63's review (Cort - EVL-K2)

By Marshall63, 10/03/2009
Asia Manufacturing
Agathis body
Maple handle
Rosewood fingerboard
Channel vissbr /> 24 frets repere by point
Pickups: 2 humbuckers
Vibrato: floyd wheel stops Type
a volume knob and tonalitbr /> 3 position switch
Hardware: black satinbr /> Overlay pentagon with EVL logo on micro
Color: black satinbr />

- Is the handle enjoyable?
so the neck is thin
- The access to acute (desti- nations most recently freight) is it easy?
- Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?
- Gets it easy to sound good?
Uh ... I live two active EMG up so I know


- Appropriate your style of music?
yes it is a metal pin guitar
- With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
V8080 Marshall JCM 900 MXR ZW44, Dunlop ZW 45, Artec Crazy Mtal and equ8, Zoom G2
- What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "bold", ....)?
Very round neck pickup slightly The paulien, micro crystalline enough easel
- What are you sonorits prfrez, you dtestez?
Overall there is nothing I hate


- How long have you use it?
8 months

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
+ all but the least below ...
least: the acastillage black ... I would love a chrome fittings
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Two or three other brand model but this one gave me delight
- How do you report qualitprix?
very good I'm not deus my purchase
- With the exprience, you do again this choice ...?
without hsiter
Edit: Here 8 months now I play with and I still have the same opinion about him.