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Cort G

Cort G250

User reviews on Cort G products

Cort G-255 (Cort - G255)

By MGR/Anonymous, 28/06/2002
Aquired for $399.

The Pickups are ok but if you change string gauges(ex. from light gauge to heavy gauge)you have to adjust the truss rod.


Quality is shit because it scratches so dam easily.

Don't buy this piece of shit.

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Cort G-210 (Cort - G210)

By MGR/eric, 24/08/2003
I Bought this Guitar at a music store in Mission Viejo called Coast Band Music.
Paid about $220 for it. Its my first guitar but ive been playing for a bit.

Its not a bad guitar. The neck is not too thick. Its not a bad instument for it's price.

What i dont like about this instrument is the buzzing. Also this thing could get out of tune pretty easily. The tremolo kinda sucks and once you buy it the whole things gets all loose after the 1st time you change the strings.

It has an Agathis body, a hardwood maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, Chrome hardware. 2 single coil pickups and a bridge humbucker. It also has a tremolo.

Its not a bad instrument not a bad way to spend $200 bucks although there could be a few improvements.

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Cort G260HB (Cort - G260)

By MGR/Steve, 02/10/2004
I bought this on eBay from Cranes Music in Cardiff for £190 (new). My son started playing electric guitar and I got the bug!
I liked the look of it on eBay and it seemed pretty good value.

I like the all-wood, swamp ash finish. All the hardware is top class - Duncan Design hot rail pickups with coil tap, Wilkinson bridge/tremolo, light swamp ash body, locking machine heads and roller nut for uncompromising tuning stability. Classic strat 5 way switching gives gives you all the Fender type sounds you need and with the "pull of a pot" click in the coil tap for fatter Gibson and Ibanez tones.
It has a really nice sound and good action.
When it arrived I only needed to tweak the intonation (alter the string length at the bridge). The neck was perfect and action very good. The quality of the hardware was excellent.
Humbuckers are good and even in single coil mode there is no hum.

These are only minor niggles cos I am desperate to put something in here!
1. Front strap button is on the back of the guitar top horn rather than on the point of the horn.
2. 1 fret end is a tiny bit sharp and needed careful dressing with a file.
3. It is on the heavy side (but then how can you make a thick solid body give such a nice tone!)

Excellent! Good quality neck, pickups, nice tuners, knobs, bridge, etc. Really solid guitar!

I was very pleased with this guitar and think it is fantastic value for money. I will definitely consider Cort again when I next need another guitar.

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seider's review (Cort - G290)

By seider, 14/11/2004
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News Cort G

Cort G110 Junior

Published on 02/18/11
Cort is releasing a Junior version of its G110 guitar.