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Cort Luce

Cort L1200P

User reviews on Cort Luce products

diralark's review (Cort - L100F)

By diralark, 16/02/2012
In theory the features are dreaming, in practice .. hmm ... see below
it is Korean, preamp with integrated tuner is a Fishman / pitch correction. battery produce vibration to the con, put a piece of cardboard to wedge solves the pb.


handle unpleasant, freight has to be filed to ask. Good access to acute. Ergonomics is great scope mode just like sitting.


the sound is very (too) crystalline, very little bass, but good considering the shape it was predictable. Much like the agreement but the setting is delicate


After 3 weeks the timber has a small break on impact of anything with a drawer of my dresser sticking. In considering the build quality is truly possible cons of plywood / mixed rotten, wondering how she has not broken before. I highly recommend purchasing this model. 250 euros lost as the guarantee does not apply in this case! it hurts like ass with the impression that I be made enc ...

Very endearing! (Cort - L900P)

By Optim Guitare, 24/07/2012
Cort Korean
Channel width, 45mm at nut
Bone frets, mahogany neck with satin finish
12 frets non-cash, openwork head
Solid cedar top, solid rosewood back
This is a guitar in the spirit of Martin 00-28, so vintage


Very enjoyable to play guitar
Petty cash, very comfortable
Ideal fingerstyle
Obviously, with 12 boxes, we are somewhat limited, there is plenty to do anyway


It's not a dreadnought, nothing to do
The sound is balanced, with acute beaded
Great for playing fingers, agreements, it is a little more rough
For blues or picking, it's really good
I would have loved to hear him with a spruce top ....


I've had almost a year and I'm very satisfied
There was still a downside, the frets were not polished, I had to do a polish speaking
The truss was fully released
Briefly, after a good setup, everything is back to normal
An excellent value for money, I paid € 415 in Toto

I just electrify with a Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking, and she is dressed for the stage!

Blues and picking welcome (Cort - L100C)

By Nicolas Taussac, 03/10/2012
See website cort


Lightweight, position of the strap well think, very comfortable handle.


Not too much volume, lack a bit of bass, good for games or picking blues.


Quite compact, easily portable, good for dbuter or for a nice little nomadic folk!

This amazing guitar! (Cort - L450C)

By Tim Driver, 16/09/2015
I use the guitar primarily for picking, as I dont use a plectrum. However, like everyone, I also need to strum a little. I play up and down the neck in a variety of styles, but this little beauty loves, and I mean loves, playing blues style.

The shape is lovely, once you get used to it. The finish is plain, and IMO much the better for it. It was the neck that I fell in love with: I was in a music shop looking for a slide, and I picked this guitar from the wall to try a slide with. In seconds I was struck by just how much this neck wanted to be played. I had never had that feeling before. Up and down and in and really inspired me. The body is comfortable to hold, much more so than a jumbo or dreadnought. the sound is dark and mature, and has definitely become more so after playing steadily for a couple of years. I own a couple of different guitars, and this has become very much my go to axe.

There are no electronics, but I purchased a simple, cheap, passive pick up and it sounds great going through my ( admittedly very expensive AER ) amplifier. There is just something special about this guitar.

Buy it if you love to play. Buy it if you are a beginner. Buy it if you want something a little different and buy it if you are a pro.

News Cort Luce

New Cort L300V acoustic guitars

Published on 04/10/14
Cort adds to its Luce Series the L300V acoustic and L300VF electric acoustic guitars.