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Cort MasterPiece

Cort GBMP-3

User reviews on Cort MasterPiece products

This grat 'follow me all my life I think (Cort - MMP-3)

By capirouche, 18/04/2010
Guitar type PRS Custom 22 or 24 for the form, usually made in Korea by the best makers of the brand with the Elements and select.
The bridge is Tune o matic type. The handle is 22 frets mahogany with touches of ebony.
Two double mic brand with a Seymour Duncan SH1 in the neck pickup and bridge pickup in SH 4 (configuration Jeff Beck)
For rglages, is simple: a knob volume, a knob and a Tone slecteur slectionner three positions for each of the microphones or shuffled.
Mahogany body, table Saddle flame.
The marks are: Mechanical GOTOH (l again, nothing wrong).

But it would be impossible of stopping the guitar is really beautiful, a perfect finish! The table is deep blue, the back is black.
It really looks like the PRS, it also seems very inspired Cort until burning the same serial number as the gold paint on PRS.
It seems to me that there are only 50 guitars (vrifier) ​​as this one in the world.
When you think of taking even nine (around 1500 euros), Cort really figure mark for the best value quality price!


The handle is one of the strengths of this guitar. He really got bleuff.
Okay, I'm not pro and I played forward on Aria Pro 2 Fullerton (stratocaster copy).
L is unique, the handle disappears when we play it. The grip is immediate, it is really easy to play. I do not understand why even Specializes in the press, we do not talk about these models (there are three models masterpice guitars, the sries M, Z and G).
CASC to treble is very simple. Nothing really wrong on the sleeve!

The guitar is heavier than my "stratocaster" Aria, but I think this is due to wood select. It remains a fact any weight even when correct!

To the sound is more than simple, one branch has rings. I play with on Peavey Classic 30 and both its clear that sought not saturated guitar tit for tat.


I play with on Peavey Classic 30, in short, we get easily that seeks its just playing on the pickups (neck pickup for a warmer, especially if we lower the tonal santana example, and bridge pickup for rhythm, Red Hot Type, for example).
So, since I have, I do not play more than almost directly on the amp, I am using more than my Pod X3 plays not plugged with headphones. And yet, the record is standard.

I play mostly rock (oasis, smashing pumpkins ...) but it would only classify the reducer in the register.

Edit of 01/11/2011: Finally, I changed the pickups Seymour Duncan Gibson cons of R490, including taient with hoods as they sleep, and on the advice of my excellent luthier. Rendering, always on Peavey Classic 30, is fantastic. Especially since I learned the microphones taient "splitables", we can go from simple to double up or pressing down the button tone.


I did that recently and n'tant not professional, my opinion remains that subjective but we have a feeling of being in front of a guitar very high end when the cheek.
I have long eyeing over the internet and I have attended two, mostly on eBay. I was fortunate to be able to acqurir one (for 800 euro) and I think I really had a chance to touch this price l. Especially given that the production, opportunities may be rare!

I will ever be so much choice and sr what I will say that even for a new purchase, the quality ratio is unbeatable prices (especially compared to the price of PRS and other Gibson).

What I like most about this guitar: everything!

Edit of 01/11/2011: I confirm my post Previous, happen to me if I think it may be to buy another guitar one day if I really m'amliore, in any case, I do s never resell it. I intend to carefully maintain the same because I know he's a real good grat '.

kubickifactor's review (Cort - GBMP-3)

By kubickifactor, 05/09/2009
Figured Maple Table
Channel and maple fingerboard "bird's eye"
2 pickups Fender Custom Jazz 60 '
Hipshot Tuners
Chrome hardware
handle 21 frets


used since early January this beautiful wood finish copy I love the most incredible temperament of fire a big potato for a passive and has nothing to envy Fender playability unbelievable I can do nothing to regret, for € 1,351 to purchase she is well worth a custom chop worthy of the name thank you to CORT

fabio.lione's review (Cort - ABMP-1)

By fabio.lione, 24/09/2007
4 string bass Masterpiece series ABMP-1. <br>Poplar body <br>Neck Maple / Wenge 24 cases <br>Mechanical Hipshot lic. <br>Seymour Duncan SJB-3n-D & SMB4 <br>Comes with deluxe cover (very well done and very practical !)... <br><br>Purchased new, the beautiful seems robust. Mechanisms, microphones, knobs and the body shows that despite the edition in this series of low, entitled "Masterpiece" is not usurped (at least on mine ...). <br><br>Level look, there's no eSite, this bass is really beautiful, the body is really beautiful, finesse is required (it is far from a tank type or Fender music man;) ) <br>and the weight of the instrument is ideal, neither too heavy nor too light (after all is a matter of taste). Finally, the head is as beautiful as the one with the colorful logo cort the most beautiful effect. <br><br>Brief summary, we feel that we are entering the high-end finishes and really have nothing to envy the flagships of other brands often more expensive (crack, Warwick, Yamaha, Ibanez ... to City that them. <br><br>Portards level, something for all tastes and all types of sound, easy going kind of good sound slamming steve harris pest to slap, to the walking bass and a good round up of large families . No less than 5 knob (2 volumes for the pickups and 3 for the equation), we ansi switch. The knobs respond well and any changes will cause the change of which it is intended.


Use side, there is no deception possible is that one is adept handles cort. In fact to give an idea, the handle looks like that of C4 (bass entry mid-range home cort which represents for me the best value for about 250 euros ...) but thinner in depth and wider in width. In fact the handle is not TFWP for small hands (although it's a check) ... but hey it's not my case and it suits me perfectly. All slides like butter. access to acute is impecable, until the 24 th box, no need to hammer the strings, it sounds live (after each style ...). In fact for many low esay, the handle is really different from a warwick thumb, or a music man, it's still, much larger and much more on the deep end, everything is again a matter of taste.

The weight as stated above is true .. Well Balanced

The sound when it was just great, beautiful purr without any problem, and we feel that ofSuite left the world of bass series to get access to the bass pro.

I will focus on the versatility of the instrument, while the styles are really affordable, it is comfortable on the slap ... and even to the metal, I had no problems.

After saying versatility also said no specialization in a style, it's on the sound will be better on a low dedicated to a specific style, but being able to play everything is still well appreciated.


I play pop - rock - jazz - blue - hard rock - metal (and ouip in the pub should make everyone happy) and I have not had a problem finding my sound in each of the styles. I play on the Harker and / or trace elliot and since I bought this bass, I rediscovered my equipment;) .


I use it intensely for several months now and really is a pleasure to play on it every time.

It's true that it is still not very low to very high quality on several points (neck, sounds ...) but good must also see the difference in price (a factor of two). You can not compare the incomparable.

So for me and against all that may appriorie entrainr brand Cort (who are also unjustified in my opinion), this bass is truly a blessing for those who want to access the world of luxury without necessarily breaking the bank (1300 EUR playback is really cheap).

Cort signs, after his C4 and its domination of the beginning of mid-range, low to high end came possedans the best value exists.

After I still advise to future aquereur test even when the instrument before trying. If it is not possible, you said that if vou enjoy the sleeves of Cort, you will have to crack on this one.

I go back!

A Jazz Bass with high quality materials (Cort - GBMP-3)

By philojulius, 12/11/2011
A bass made in Korea by the "Custom Shop" Cort. A certificate signed by the luthier who assembled and finalized is provided.
The bridge is a Gotoh.
The handle is screwed and has 22 frets.
The configuration of the microphones is a classic passive JB, volume micro / micro volume / tone.
Nothing original, great quality. Ditto for the varnish. The wood (Cort has a stock denies) selected are beautiful.
In summary: ash body, figured maple table, flamed maple neck and button, two microphones Fender Jazz Custom 60 'mechanical Hipshot Chrome, chrome Gotoh bridge. Modern 'C' Shape NECK WIDTH 1F: 3 mm / 22F: 62mm NECK THICKNESS 1F: 21mm, 12F: 23mm eye maple fingerboard Bird, 12 Radius (305mm) FRET 22 / Large (2.7mm)


The handle is very nice. Less flat than the best (in my opinion) JB, feel very nice and beautiful wood. Ergonomics are good, a little more comfortable than a JB 20 frets. But the handling is generally that of a JB. The body is quite heavy.
Having the sound is as easy as a Jazz bass is versatile and sensitive to what is done with the fingers (electronic and passive pickups Fender Custom Shop).
However, it is very hard: the woods are super hard, same for the handle, it will age well I think ... but it has just a little aging. This is a very sensitive low I think: his fingers do the what (the inverse of the large active spot).


Yes, I play both jazz, funk and often uses sounds very "vintage" (as they say at every turn now ...), although in this last record, I have a JB Japanese rosewood fingerboard with 80's Start pickups S. Duncan who a dozen years that sounds more "old" and with more heat. I think the fault here at CS 60's pickups too young and very hard wood.
In terms of fishing, nothing to say, it sends a very strong and there is a beautiful range bass / treble despite passive electronics and microphones to the former: this time, thank you for the woods I think.
I play with a compression Joemeek and Markbass amps, great and very easy to adjust!


I use it for 3 months. What I like most is all, all I have to say and especially the price / quality ratio. What I like least (although I attach myself), the furniture inlaid look. The fact that it is necessary to justify in many cases (when the play is finished) the fact that there is written "Cort" on the head. It's basically a Jazz Bass with materials, a unique hardware and very good mics for the price of an American.
I would do without this choice problem and I even take pleasure in seeing the wonder sometimes caused when a "Cort" sounds like that hehe.