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Cort Moscato

Cort Moscato 1

User reviews on Cort Moscato products

samotjesber's review (Cort - Moscato 1)

By samotjesber, 12/01/2008
Made In Indonesia
24 frets
2 EMG-HZ H4 Humbuckers
fixed bridge type "tune-o-matic"
A potentiometer for volume, a microphone selector 3 positions


The neck is very thin. very nice for my hands;
each access to acute .. no problem! (Already seen the form)
As for ergonomics whether sitting or standing at ease it goes, no dificultée!
For weight, it is the foot must weigh between 2 and 3 pounds, very light.
this is my first electric guitar, I hope Assé being objective.)


It suits my music style (the big stone to death rock)
The trouble is that it seems to be made for that (only?) good good sure,
there is no problem, the jazz sounds of jazz but it feels more feeble: s
Edit (after 7 months of use): The sound also gives clean very well, although I repeat, this is an aggressive type guitar.

I play with a Peavey Rage 258
First amp I had some problems setting for the song is Crystal clear
not even bother for the song it fits well in fat distortion I feel that the serious
mix a few times but it seems normal, the other guitars I tried behaved the same way.

/! Edit: attention neamoin a metal plate: it tends to be slightly Unscrew and produces annoying vibrations (just 4 rounds of screwdriver and it went away.


I've had more than a month
The pros: The weight, access to the acute form and finally: The song that has its own signature.
the -: the song (views on the forum, for me no problems), no potentiometer for
tonalitée, the back plate and well ... is a grid: s direct view of the electronics scary.
Edit: the front plate can be unscrewed with the vibration, the guitar is a pic of the nose while standing.

The report qualitée price seems correct, though.
Edit: There are better qualitée for the same price, Maitenes, I think (personal opinion of course) that this guitar has a personal signature that I love)

You must love design (Cort - Moscato 1)

By loqu, 25/11/2014
Asian manufacturing.


SNV guitar at all. Great anywhere except the form if you like it.
handle a little thick.

slightly unbalanced on the front.


Designed for metal, I do not play much.


I have a guitar collection forms "that I like."
This one has it all this up.

I bought it without trying. I'm not disappointed. if not the color that almost does not please me.

It does not cost me dear on Ebay. 270th of opportunity mémmoire.

ramspi's review (Cort - Moscato 1)

By ramspi, 30/01/2008
Moscato 1

core, micro seymour duncan, mechanical spertzel


Big stick close to a les paul, access to acute excellent; incommensurate ergonomics with respect to the non-standard form.
its purely hard, heavy metal rock
the original adjustment leaves a bit to be desired, I have rgler correctness btw difficult thing, surprising for a moscato license


I am a composer and I used mainly rock, to see in a few months

tranchanr very acute and super aggressive for the job it has to do with wha wha excellent.


Three days
great look for the stage, one of a kind, is a skyscraper lumberjack
good price quality ratio