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Cort ParkWood

Cort PW370M

User reviews on Cort ParkWood products

Bongokid's review (Cort - PW320M)

By Bongokid, 28/08/2006
Made in China, solid wood, beautiful finish trs


Channel enjoyable, good grip
Guitar lgre enough, enjoyable, Fully massive
trs's pure, though a little lightweight in the bass, the dreadnought MODEL (pw310) Submitted as a bit in the bass.


Trs good guitar to play the variation on


I possde for two weeks, I'm glad trs.
idalie for beginners that I am

Cort Parkwood PW310M (Cort - PW310M)

By MGR/Chad, 14/04/2006
Been playing now for about six months. This was the second guitar i purchased.My first being a mitchell, which are a good buy for the beginner.

I purchased this fine piece of Korean craftsmenship at the famous Guitar Center. You know the place that has that Green Tag sale every couple days,of course this is going on as you here it on the radio saying this is the last green tag sale event yada yada yada, then the next week they have the same Green tag sale again.
I think they even have a Red Tag sale now too HOWWWWW Exciting......Not. Paid:$500 this included the sweat parkwood bag, not being sarcastic the bag is cool

Besides the place i purchased it from this guitar is supurb. Everything about it is perfect the woods used, the machine heads, the neck, and i really love the small fret markers on the neck its cool. Also, the finish on this thing is awesome. If you dont prefer a inch thick clear coat on your guitar than i recommend you buy this one,it gives it a real natural bright sound and it just looks better than the acoustics that are caked with this clear coat over top of the wood deadning the sound.

Nothing not to like except where i purchased it from. Green tag sale my ASPEN

Wonderful use of mahogany on the back and sides with spruce top. Sounds awesome craftsmenship is superb.

Purchase this guitar if you've been at it a little while and whant a good tone and well crafted acoustic.

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Cort Parkwood PW310M (Cort - PW310M)

By MGR/Bill Pillsbury, 17/11/2006
Been playing since I was 5 years old....uhhh..Let me think...That was 43 years ago!

I went to GC to look for a nice acoustic...Solid Wood top this time. After playing a few, and not liking what direction I was headed in, I asked the salesman if he knew of anything...He pointed the Parkwood P310M to me...and I havent let go since!

I like this the most...the sustain. Play any power chord and let it RING! I guarantee at least 25 seconds of incredible long lasting pure tone! It is a totally unique experience! None of the $3,000-$10,000 Taylors or Martins could even come close to doing this! The action is pretty nice too. I have had to make a few adjustments..a little sanding to the bridge here...a little shaving bring it up to my standards..but thats just me. I havent found an acoustic out of the box yet that has met my personal preferences. I currently own 12 acoustics.

I really have to look hard for something that I dont like about this guitar. Being classified as a perfectionist...I can be pretty anal about stupid stuff! For example...I think they installed a different ratio tuner for the "D" string. Instead of 8 to 1, I think they put a 48 to 1 tuner! While tuning, it seems as though I have to turn it and turn it and turn it just to get it out of flat/sharp! (That is searching!) That truly is the only thing I don't care for, and if I could get off my lazy couch-butt for just one minute, I guarantee Pat Parks at Parkwood customer service would see to it that the issue was rectified! I e-mailed him once when I was searching for replacement bridges...just to have some for back-ups...and he Overnighted me 3 replacements immediately...He also stated that if I ever had any issues with my Parkwood for whatever reason whatsoever, to please call him and he would get me what I needed! THAT IS WHAT I CALL OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE! GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND! Yes, I was impressed!

Made by Cort, the largest manufacturer of acoustic guitars in the world, you know this thing has some kind of heritage to it. They didnt get to where they are by cutting corners, using inferior woods or materials. As any guitar player knows,the Koreans are building some increible axes these days! It seems as though their specialty is subcontracting for American Guitar companies...using the companies strict guidelines as a template. I cite the Paul Reed Smith SE EG, which I also own. Everyone knows that PRS is the bomb, and no way in Hell would he ever sacrifice quality for cost. He has the Koreans manafacter his SE EG's, they send the finished product over to Stevensville MAryland, and he gives them the once over, rejecting any inferior guitar. When was the last time you ever saw an inferior PRS? I can guarantee the answer is NEVER! The point I am making is the same case with Parkwoods! I believe they are a "Semi-new" branch of Cort, and it will take a few years to establish a "Rep". Keep an eye on them!

Buy one! You wont be disappointed! For the money, I dont think you can find a better guitar anywhere. Oh yea...I forgot to state this before...After owning my Parkwood for 6 months, I sent it to a very reputable guitar tech for a "Tune up", and he sent it back to me untouched!!! He left me a message in the case..."What do you want me to do...screw this guitar up? this thing is perfect"! (This coming from the guitar tech for Metallica!!!!)(No....I didn't go there! Sorry Zaemo!)

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