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Cort S

Cort S2800

User reviews on Cort S products

10 years of loyal service (Cort - S2550)

By dref88, 08/09/2011
-Made in Korea

Bridge-Wilkinson could be set in a very buoyant (I do not say it as well as a Floyd Rose, but was doing well we can make things very interesting ... NOT go out of tune)


Channel 22 screwed frets, rosewood fingerboard

Configuration-HSS (brand micro =?)

-One volume, one tone and a split to pass the single coil humbuncker


Channel pleasant to the touch, really late and fast - not age really well despite a passage in a well-known luthier Nancy - may tend to curl if pulling ropes too light (at the same time I have a super low action)

Ergonomic Ultra, wife's body really well, relatively light (I still c ** 2 hour concert, although I am not smoking and sporting a round: it is said!) - Really well balanced - it can even take a lead guitar behind his head (that's for posers who want to pack)

access to the treble is OK - neither good nor bad - it's an entry-level guitar Bolt with small defects that go with

I found the sound great at the time now seems to me a little loud and limited in saturation - we can still get nice and much different light depending on the position of selector - perhaps this will be his weak point


this will be the most difficult point to note for me because my perspective has changed in 10 years - sounds a bit garish in all - was not associated with a Les Paul (it's the spray sound) - I l use it with Marshall VS100R that allows for a versatility very respectable - guitar oriented ska / punk / rock and a little funky - it can also get to the heavy metal with an area - my favorite settings remain the bridge humbucker ( overdrive and distortion) and microphone handle clean - avoid the blues with old school it sounds not so good


I use it for 10 years and I scoured the shops at the time Nancy for weeks on a budget (I was a student) - it is his grip that attracted me - and its sound - but as I said above, my tastes change ...
I am a bit critical over time but I must admit that it is a guitar tuning which is really very stable, even face to temperature, and with the use of vibrato, I retain its ergonomics, its handle really fast and comfortable, light weight - certainly one of the best quality / price ratio of the time - I would not change anything if it again and do to sell almost anything. To me, it has a longer history (recording a demo and an album with the expected sounds each time)
Not very expensive, try one and tell me what you think ...

CotesDarmor's review (Cort - S2800)

By CotesDarmor, 30/06/2005
Cort makes excellent guitars for 40 years dj and it is clear that despite its provenance is not the Cort S2800CRS EUND of quality and intrt and rivals best brands (Fender US Std.)
22 frets, handle stocky, body Saddle flame of an exemplary finish and even bluffing! Remember Cort subcontracts the manufacture Ibanez guitars.
The pickups are two Seymour Duncan single and a double ssl1 Jeff Beck Bridge, vibrato is a superb Wilkinson V50II with Sperzel mcaniques block for holding the ropes. For such a micro dlicieux SETTING THE Tone and volume and a 5 slecteur microphone positions. For the price, finish and quality of the electronics, the rating can be as positive.


The handle is fine and REALLY soft satin to the touch, the slides as mtorites fuse. Keeping arrangements and solos on this handle is a vritable rgal, say anything, it's nickel. The vibrato using high doses, does not affect the holding of the agreements, an important point! CHAC is easy to acute because its recess is labeled trs.
The ergonomics of the guitar is excellent in every respect, may be a BMOL slecteur when positioning the microphone on the soundboard, it can strike at tempos right hands but hyper large that's all very minor. The guitar is neither heavy nor lgre is the Saddle! Remember that wood is rarely used (because quite expensive and hard work) but this guitar provides an acoustic sound when it is not surprising branch.
Sounds simple thanks to micro ssl1 Seymour Duncan sound with a Fender right spirit, sounds clear and bright even slamming sublime. The micro EHJV a double hell: two Seymour Duncan JB in bridge, in a real slaughter distortion, rich in harmonics. The SETTING THE Necessary for the Tone will surf the wave metal (because of the Saddle which promotes a banging sound and sharp)


This guitar should all styles (jazz, rock, blues, pop) and is generally trs versatile and is suitable for large-trash guitarists orientsmtal saturations (playing with the knob of Tone and open position of A. Start (fender) this guitar is gniale it dlivre sounds clear and bright with a chorus or a rverbe, your guitar will transport you to worlds surralistes , it becomes difficult to s'arrter!


I use it for more than a year before buying it beats some models of widely Epiphone, Ibanez (low and medium range) and Fender would not have AIM Derri re his butt, believe me! The report is qualitprix phnomnal, this guitar is only available opportunity and those who do not want it Sparer!
Firstly if I were to buy a guitar 750 euros, I will take it willingly and without hsitez, MODELS or new high-end home Cort. I will not deny that if j'tais to have full, j'achterai a Fender Custom US. Try it now!

Classic30player's review (Cort - S2800)

By Classic30player, 19/05/2005
Well, the woods utiliss pr pr not the body I c (o - c clear) but c bo, well done! The handle is in Saddle is superb!
Mcanique Sperzel wraps' dores)
Wilkinson vibrato (dor)
5-way switch
Pickups: 2 Seymour Duncan ssl1
1 Seymour Duncan JB (splitable please)
2 knobs (volume / Tone (Pusch / sweater / split)) (sleep)
Nut bearing head (not that I c aa a name .. I m crazy)
Micro mesh cover plate white


The handle end trs, trs is enjoyable! The grip is trs enjoyable and touch is too!
The handle slides and "satinquot aspect, provides a rapid awesome game, and without effort!
CHAC acute in boxes is perfect.
Beware slcteur 5 position can interfere ds some cases (ca s'vite ss with just a habit).
The comfort is truly sensational game (for those who love the sleeves for I not yet found better now!) ... try it!


The sound is largely empty audible (you can play ss ss amp problem if you avoid seeing his amp alum, dnu of headphones, at night), sustain the harmonics is also but hey, the interest c qd mm from the ds connect an amp (lampes! 8o) I play on a Peavey Classic 30)!
So we had the suspecting (since the microphones and sound empty), the sound is spot on! In clear, the neck pickup a slap, soft c qd desired, with good bass ... great!
The central micro (ssl1): Typical sound but bbr /> The bridge pickup has bp potato, it sounds very well, and I do not open, but its interest is the distortion ds: fo really try this guitar, it will surprise more than one I'm sure!
C As a little hard to dcrire sounds fair I v qq shortcuts: tt you can have the sounds of a Start (double split c qd mm not really but you get a nice combination! Split a c just the sound of a telecaster, a slap!) and sounds rock standards! MM in the shaft is simply a distortion in rgal! I did the double over Submitted, he made the evidence and on the Mount guitarec even better now!
The volume control on offense and lost dnature sound (fo mieu play knob fons and grate the amp (from tt is a fawn if he will love lamp!) And the Tone button is improved, but I ss accommodates any problem! (its sweet / slamming / bright / dull ...)
Abundant natural harmonics and artificial stand wonder!
In short, I test several amps and I the comparison of several guitars: I prfre a strat mm (c in Mexico, us a little less, but considering the price and quality of sound and the Luter ...)!
C noise level really good! From blues to rock nerv through the funk ... (Mtal it to make the bridge pickup Ragit well with a saturation pedals extreme, but I doubt that our friends mtaleux like the style of the guitar ... 9o)).
C a great guitar, and for the price I can not believe no tj! And if do not like the style vs. close your eyes and just tt Listen, you'll find that a good Guitres c!


Great guitar, I bought a PRS 400euros ocaz (new state yet) the era and I do not regret it: I'll keep it!
The sound and sensation myrifique st trs enjoyable game, a fuzz!
C Nivo's terrible (though it rgl phnomnale a potato!) In distortion as the clear!
The quality RAPORT price (ocaz) relement is interesting, qd sutrou one takes the trouble to see the equipment and report and compare it a strat Mexico, more expensive!)
Try the (a classic 30: tell me what to do vs)!

Cort S2800 a little larger than many major (Cort - S2800)

By Colin's, 18/01/2013
Manufacturing Korah
Wilkinson vibrato VS50K with his nut-bearing, Sperzel locking mechanical Trim-Lok, two guide ropes placed on the butt plate for the four middle strings

Micro is if you like it with two Seymour Duncan single SSL and a double TB4 in acute routed through a volume and tone (both very progressive).
For the rest I see that everything has been said about the beast.


The neck is extremely comfortable. The egonomie was very well thought out, ideal weight and lean more towards the light.
In terms of sound, this guitar is really excellent in all registers.


Yes it is perfectly suited not only my style but I think that the greatest number. For the rest, it will be largely a matter of aesthetic taste.
It really gets all the sounds you want, it is of extraordinary versatility. For the moment I play on a tube amp Fender Pro tube and that is happiness.


I have this guitar for 3 years and to be honest, I traded against my Fender Deluxe Américan yet but I loved the unfortunate did not face the weight of the jewels in natural maple satin clear and mechanical brushed silver (model not found). S2800 This Cort guitar belonged to a friend who had a grand mal yield to me, however I could offer him more because I have some high-end guitars and quite frankly, this guitar has nothing to do with his ridiculous price given at the time for about 900euros. Today is squarely supernatural ... Like what!
I just tell you what I like most about this guitar as fun to play with is immense. Its design is a mix of genre while quite, but it differs mainly by the shape of her doll rounded.
Are value for money at the time was that nobody paid attention to the animal and to the delight of the leading brands that have a shaky shot safe! This instrument is a fabulous wholes views but there is a downside, is that it is hard to find these days because its production was stopped very quickly ... Another story profitability likely .. .
With hindsight I just say that this guitar came into my life at the right time since my wallet and my wife no longer complain of my expenses.