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User reviews on Cort SB products

philooo's review (Cort - SB10)

By philooo, 26/08/2006
2 knobs: volume and tone
A passive humbucker
Bass 4 strings, 22 frets

The microphone type "pad" Musicman seems to be the brand Migty-mite, so to upgrade, the outlaw brand (low end).


- The handle is quite correct, access to acute ok, but if you like any rope near the handle on this bass is not possible, it frieze immediately, the strings at a distance, over this problem sounds good round.

- I find it well balanced and not too heavy, the head is not very aesthetic.

Do you get a good sound easy? :
- Personal. I never got a good sound settings.


They are suitable to your style of music? :
- Is to rock -> metal and it looks good for that, the microphone close to the double bridge should give his incisive and high output level, (in my opinion of course!)

With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play? :
- I use the Zoom B2.1U (multi-amp simulator effects w / bass), for the home studio.

What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold ",....):
- In config. home, I got a muffled sound and the tone knob seemed inéficace.


Well you've noticed that I block most of the sound, especially "on the original microphone", I suggest you to upgrade the low (micro change for better).

Personal I have a Seymour Duncan SMB4-D (bought on ebay OCCAZ € 50) + a set of nine string and the difference is impressive, the violin is actually quite correct and the tone knob returns to its original function! Beware the Seymour is very precise, high output level (saturation limit of time), it forces you to play very clean, of course!

Combines a small, according to my luthier, the thick rope (first) n'appuis not enough on the nut (at the head), we must make every turn with the rope on the axis of the key support for the rope more. If you go through a luthier take the opportunity to change the original plastic nut for a bone for example. Ultimately, it's a lot to do, but it's worth it! It (was) a first low prices, bought € 100 OCCAZ a year ago, I n'pense not she worth € 300 as indicated by the Argus.

(As always it is a subjective personal opinion, is up to you to separate things, thank you).

KoalaMan's review (Cort - SB10)

By KoalaMan, 27/02/2006
2 knobs: volume and tonalitbr /> a single passive humbucker
Bass 4 strings, 22 frets


Channel rather fine, relatively ergonomically. Enjoyable for beginners.
Quite heavy, poorly plutt balance the weight rests mainly on the body.
Access in acute correct.
Curling tendency, especially on 2 Premire strings.
For cons, the varnish on the handle tends stick a little too much, and holds his hand, it's a shame ...


I use quite versatile. It works well, especially in his clear, plugs directly into the amp or even a mixing desk.
The sound is very round, the knob of rglage of acute qu'anectotique has a function, since it does not sound basis trs fat. Tendency nanmoins stifle the serious, almost fretless ...
Beware though, this bass does not rev me parat game adapts to slap it frieze instantanment!


I've had 3 months, bought used but well maintained.
From a perspective Aesthetics, the black paint has a tendency of the body says go green lorqu'elle is exposed to the sun. Yuck!
Good quality for money, I think it's a good tool for beginners.
Gripe, it does not seem to me absolutely right on all its range, especially in the acute neck!
[Edit] I sold Submitted without regrets, but for the price it offers the possibility to start the bass without breaking the bank, and especially Defines its gots to choose an instrument adapted [/ edit]

BorisLN's review (Cort - SB10)

By BorisLN, 15/07/2004
The model I own is red, comes from Indonesia, a Bolt has only two pots (volume and tone), and a single microphone.


The handle is great, and rgonomie is good (a bit heavy though)


Well you can make a bold and well well ... mtal on the other hand for its crystal-clear, it is a little difficult to get to me ... (Amp used: Hartke B90)


Okay so this bass is nice for beginners ...
But it is mainly the report quality / price is right ... because the price is not lev but in terms of quality it is very correct. A prferer far a model of a Squier example.

FoOf's review (Cort - SB70)

By FoOf, 07/05/2003
I state that I don't want to advertise this bass...but, I swear, finally I found a good bass for a relative low price! Pickup very sensible, it's quite closely to the MusicMan Stingray's sound!!!


Sound is really good, excellent shielding and grounding, no buzzings, it has good treble, it's very efficient but it weighs a little in hand, mechanics are accurate and stables...


I play punk and metal, and it fits perfectly...for pop and rock I think it's even better, good overall sound in all music genres!


Beautiful! Bought and satisfied, I'm super happy! Unfortunately it's quite impossible to find...happy owners good playings! ;)