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User reviews on Cort SF products

grattimini's review (Cort - SF-F)

By grattimini, 13/12/2006
Cort SF-1E model 2001.
Originally from China, hand made ... And it shows, beautiful finish for 300 Roros
It has a handle 20 cargo that is comfortable to play with a good glide. For he can not stand against the tie rope too high, ie 11-46 or less (I think). And wrong with the old time!
The mechanical honorably, they are pretty good tuning.
For the sound: Fishman classic4 (volume control, brightness, acute, low and medium) and under the micro bridge saddle. Again it's OK
on the other hand I do not know the woods used, but it must be close enough to other SF Price neighbors


For the handle, see above!
As a cutaway, access to acute is correct, up to 17 ° box are you after the damage ... hello for me anyway! ~ D
These measurements are pleasant (38-5-8, an hourglass figure!) Do not bother sitting as standing. But the guitar tends to swing to the side of the handle (perhaps normal!) Which created a slight inconvenience of play
His side:
In-acoustic, it sounds it! What's more, the sound is not very balanced (too much midrange compared to the rest!). Dice that tortures the strings the sound is disunited -> Horror. Accompanying it will and arpeggios are discreet.
-Connected is a pleasant surprise awaits you. The modest Fishman completed its function, we have a fairly varied range of sounds! I have a weakness for finger picking and bluesy rhythm!


Overall yeah. For all that is accompanying song, unplugged (not too boot!)
Otherwise, I am not able to say it's good for the SRV or other, each with its own perception of sound and different tastes! for the rest see just above ...
The small is connected to a Blues Junior and it's pretty decent. No effects in addition
The sound is fat, warm but lacks personality. In a bit of fiddling Fishman, she can do everything in its register (no jazz or metal in order)!


I use it for 6 years and I think change scratching soon! "Santa's Little Helper"
Most of this skyscraper is the handle, the less its disconnection. The problem is that I played a lot of models very correct (about 1000 euros more) and it suffers from the comparison.
This is a guitar homogeneous, which is great for those who want to start in finger-picking.
on the other hand, if I would choose it again over a lag spring is cheaper and better.

hh's review (Cort - SF5X)

By hh, 23/10/2005

I own a 2000 model CORT SF 5X.

It's simply the best quality / price in the range 300-800 EUR.
This guitar is very versatile and is particularly well suited to play fingerpicking.

The characteristics of that I own:

-Solid cedar top (A) with natural finish (a real beauty, very rarely model Cedre)
- Pan cut (Ideal for access to acute!)
- Back & sides Mahogany neck
- Fretboard rosewood
- Very comfortable
- Fishman Prefix EQ
- Micro MATRIX
- Grover gilt
- Great finish!
- Excellent audio!
- Korean Fabication very high quality
I did some "research" for months, I soon forget the Yamaha, Crafter, Fender (discomfort, not the options I wanted) ... as well as Taylor, Martn, Lowden, Avalon (for obviously the price !)...

Here below some info on the new SF series that my taste is not as well because:
-Fishman Classic instead of Prefix
Micro-Sonicore instead of Matrix
Mechanical non-gilt

The new models may seem cheaper but they simply lower quality options ...


Channel pleasant
Acute very accessible because of the cutaway
Guitar very slight
Very good sound


Ideal to play fingerpicking
Reverb, delay ...
Sometimes plays on studio monitors and PA
Warm and round but not at all boomy
I hate the sound lens


I use it for 2 years
Very good report quality / price for a guitar with solid cedar top, but of course, any mass that would have been even more $ $ $: (
I tried dozens of models (Crafter, Yamaha, Takamine, Ibanez Cort SF5X ...); This also really the best finish for my taste! Look at yourself Inside, everything is clean!
Yes I would do this choice without hesitation, it's a dream guitar for a musician who does not wish to confirm to more than 500 EUR in an instrument ...

Cort SF-1 (Cort - SF1)

By MGR/Anonymous, 14/07/2001
I got this guitar for Christmas from my parents. It was the fourth guitar I've owned and is defintely the best. My parents bought it for I think $650. I bought it at a small music store in Windsor, Ontario Canada called Riverside Music.

This is a great acoustic/electric guitar. I use it most of the time unplugged to play acoustic stuff like staind, and i make a lot of acoustic versions from other songs i love. It has a wonderful acoustic sound by itself.

The SF-1 does not have a very good sound when plugged in. I run it through two Boss monitors because they sound clearer than my peavey amp. It sounds like a hollow electric guitar. I have used it at masses before for the music and it does sound better in a large church than in my bedroom.

It's a sold body guitar. With great pickups and 4 band fishman eq. Low, Mid, High and brilliance.

It's definitely sturdy enough for the abuse my guitars take.

Great guitar

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