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User reviews on Cort SJB products

bassevy's review (Cort - SJB3)

By bassevy, 16/10/2006
- How long have you use it?
Purchased in 2000 for a vacation and be able to work without interfering with voisins.Et it works for a year, because the lower main practical.

- What is so special that you like most and least?
Short handle, so little space in the car
a good volume for an acoustic, even with the net flat
Fishman Preamp a full quality, just missing a phase inverter to avoid feedback.

Case origin like "canvas bag" hyper tension on the bass, no possibility of finding a suitable cover, so it "swims" in its cover Warwick.
Originally, the string passages were too narrow obligation to rework to move the nets largest diameter dishes.

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
Before, no, the only interest was its price and size ... And then, surprise!
After, yes, for its price and size, it has everything a large, well above the Fender to be easy, or Ibanez, except for its high-end Takamine B10, or bass drums.

- How would you rate the quality / price?

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes, but with experience, I am looking for something more "bass" so I fell for an electro acoustic Fretless FEB ARIA ...
It is going to duplicate, and I still thinking about resale, always from the perspective of vacation, but it starts to do a lot ...

samael94's review (Cort - SJB3)

By samael94, 14/02/2006
Low electro-acoustic Korean cargo 20 with a preamp and a piezo Fishman Classic 4 (low, mid, treble, brilliance and volume). For the price, no problems ...

The neck is super comfortable, but for access to acute can look elsewhere, the body begins at the 15th masi box from the galley is the 12th (along with an acoustic so it is a bass drum). It weighs too heavy and it is easy to install on their knees.

It is super convenient to bring around the volume and acoustics allows it to cover two acoustic guitars as long as they remain relatively wise (the mediator refrain psychopaths).
When I branch is one of Ibanez Laney HCM30B IBZ10B or with a small chorus and a little bost the grave is royal.
Pure acoustics it lacks a bit of serious (it's not the volume of a box of bass either) but it is compensated by the preamp as soon as the branch.
At first it made me curious to hear sound in pure compared to my power but I got quickly used to it and now I love it. on the other hand need not even try to slap the acoustic sound is awful, lacking also repaired as soon as the branch.
In short sound issue, it provides for a small acoustic improvised jam on the beach with some friends and as soon as you scratch the branch is paradise for the price ...

I use it for a few months, she accompanies me everywhere when traveling. What I like is the ability to play his favorite instrument around without having to bring an amp and everything. Good after it's true that it lacks sound serious but it's not as bad as the other models of acoustic bass I tried in the same price range. The value for money is excellent, it beats hands down all the other basses in the same price range and even those mid-range.
I would definitely do it again this election, this bass is great ...

pazuzu13's review (Cort - SJB5F FL)

By pazuzu13, 06/06/2013
Made in Korea, nothing to say about the build quality.
The strings are not original and are flat nets black (?).
The body is a finish worthy of the brand, and larger than that of a guitar, with four internal ties.
A wooden easel TB quality, certainly in the top bone.
The preamp is an ISIS + FISHMAN: bass, treeble, volume, phase (inverter) and tuner with digital display.
For 9v battery and Input jack locations, is located a little below the bracket (rear) strap.
The fretless neck is thin and so easy to play.
For mine, it was equipped with a thumb rest by the former owner (photo below). This gadget could be a + for sure who the utility and for me it does not bother me or not I made it, otherwise + playing near the bridge is avoided.


The handle is not varnish but an exceptional smoothness that would thrill the biggest brands. All dens appear on the song, even to play in acute but only one has been forgotten (for me) and I can add it with a drop of white eraser is that of FA (severe) on rope MI.
Are this voluntary? Also about dens: the corresponding rating is false and there is 3-4 mm before each point. Is this also voluntary? Not qualified enough to answer. Anyway when we know the fingers there are very lives. This detail is quickly visible with the integrated tuner. for this I would note that 8.
Otherwise access to acute is easy.
For mechanical, they are accurate and oil bath.


I used to play with two musicians equipped with electro-acoustic guitars for styles "ballad and folk," and that's just fun to walk on easy handle and so alive! + In the preamp renowned sound is an undeniable quality of my Markbass even see my little 30w Rumble! The amplified sound complies with that of an acoustic and that is still the goal. Now for the setting, I easily get a very clear sound and well resonant with 2 pot on MIDI or close.
For acoustic volume, it will be sufficient from one or two acoustic guitars too aggressive.


I use it for a month and I love to walk on the handle. This is a low price around 500 euros, and after trying Ibanez and other in-store, I do not think I made a mistake in my choice. Anyway, is often traveling in large European cities (Brussels, Prague, Amsterdam, etc ....), low "Cort" often unanimity in the mag. Music. Otherwise, the choice again "YES!" At this price
(280 euros as new and still in the package), it is thought more.

Good price / quality ratio (Cort - SJB5)

By wormboy74, 28/06/2013
Acoustic Bass 34 "with fishman eq (integrated tuner).
In general, the design looks solid (I use it only for 1 month).
The finish is clean (as often with Cort).


Quick Start. The fund offers a pleasant resonance despite the game Original rope quickly rough to the touch.
The handle is nice. To be used as electric so far, we're a little embarrassed by the body at first but you'll quickly get used to.
A little more for the tuner (especially for a beginner who will not know to agree to the ear).


Made sound correct. I tested recording table and microphone embedded unfortunately not reproduce sound fairly faithful (to work, in my opinion with a full amp and EQ for recording)


I wanted above all an acoustic bass in addition to my electric gear in order to make the drive to the house and outside without having to lend an ear or carry what sound to ... Mission accomplished!
Product advisor but do not expect to sound prowess either!