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Cort Standard

Cort AD850

User reviews on Cort Standard products

Anonyme's review (Cort - AF550)

By Anonyme, 24/10/2006
Asia, when you take us ... so we Avont 20frettes including 14 non-cash, a set back and neck Sides in a kind of mahogany, the table is not massive (for the price is, say, logic ...: /) and I do not know what wood it is! It is the agreement (mechanical oil bath at this price? Y are mad at cort!), violin very honest for the price!


The handle is cool, it's an epiphone sleeves can think of addition, access to acute is "not to exceed box 14". The eronomie is nice because it is a traditional folk format, good for young beginners and for those so frail lady (although some such as KT Tunstall prefer big jumbo ...) The frets are well polished and do not exceed the handle.


The sound is "relatively" powerful but nothing to do with a basic dreadnouth! However, she did her little personalitée due to its classic form, the overall sound is balanced and clean, perfect to start with no worries!

EDIT: For fun, I have permanently mounted microphone with a rose schaller volume and output jack, it's nice to keep a look folk and play a little electric (but not strong or mef to feedback!)


Small guitar that I'm all for 3 years, my guitar composition is joking how the thing attached to these! It is not better than another when compared to a guitar 200-300 euros a table not massive but it is worth only 100! It's good material unpretentious but reliable and solid, the guitar logan

Vlec's review (Cort - AD850)

By Vlec, 23/02/2007
Model tested: AD 850 NS LF (left-handed model or left-handed)

Made in China
Guitar Dreadnought type, 20 cases palisandre.
Channel, mahogany body, spruce top
Mechanical oil bath
Natural Satin finish

=> Available in micro electro-acoustic and piezo tone knob


When I had that in AD 850 the hands, once arrived at my dealer, I immediately attacked directly.
And, frankly, it provides!
Well of course, at that price, we can expect something clean, but hey, as a member of the awkwardness is a bit hard to beat at low cost.
A few tests later, she appears quite pleasant to use, its a pretty hot, while keeping the set of strings of slamming metal. I also like the fact that the mediums are discreet and treble only appear if they are taken out ...
This little folk opens every style, and, to my amazement, I discover pieces of rock / hardcore / punk from another angle, and overall provides a pleasant sensation to the ear.
Light enough, it can be worn with a belt, although it seems to lose some teeth when playing standing up (or it comes from me). Beware, there is only one setting, which is thought to add an attachment at the connection between the handle and the body, or a lace head (I chose the second option).
Next game is pleasant enough, the stick was under control, the agreements are a simplicitée to press ... Also note the handle a little too thick, but puisqu'ayant large paws, this gene less ... A little less, too, is the lack of marks on the first five boxes, either the key or the slice.
Since it is a folk with no cutaway, we say goodbye to the last four boxes. Already the 15 and 16th case are difficult, but the others, do not think ...
In addition, the junction sleeve / case is quite broad, including gene just after the 12th fret over.
In short, in short, a good sound, not complicated to play and also, I forgot, a spacing between the strings very valuable despite wide handle unpleasant and boxes larger than a hollow body or solid body.


Honestly, I only gain this AD to serve as a replacement when my guitar Ibanez GRG 170 DXL let me go, or I leave my stuff in the rehearsal room.
But after a few hours of play, I got attached, and found quite a few genres sympatoche to play, which relax after phases of metal and punk.
Otherwise, its really round of AD 850 NS, hot and serious, it's really ... Pfiou!


I use it for three four months already, and I love everything about it! The only negative is the lack of markings in the first box.
I had not tried the other model, being left ...
Given the quality, it's well worth the trouble to pay € 170 / 180 ...
And with experience, of course I do it again this election!

Final note, I thank Cort for having reported that the table was spruce. I appreciate ...
Especially the beautiful autocolant on the tailpiece, which now gives me a wonderful job of glue that does not leave ...
Suddenly, a round dark wood the size of a piece of € 0.50 on a light wood tailpiece ...

kwaio's review (Cort - AD870)

By kwaio, 10/12/2006
- Handrafted in China (made in China Main)
- 20 frets


Channel end, frets and visible brands
Access to the last frets for normal folk, ie not too easy from the 17-18th
Classical form, rather light, nickel
Its clear, not too whistling, and very powerful.


To scratch himself at home, nickel.


I bought it yesterday and I'm really happy.
-: A pain in the ass by a sticker to remove the bridge I found him aps defects.
+: Its powerful, aesthetic: Wow!
I think keeping it a long time.
I hesitated between this one and a copy Tenson € 10 less, but it seems that the Cort will sell much better.
Value for money, I would say it is excellent ...

Almost good! (Cort - AD870E)

By m.balthazar, 02/12/2012
Korean electro-acoustic guitar made in China.

Dreadnought body with spruce top, mahogany back and sides.

C-profile neck mahogany with a dovetail joint.

Rosewood fingerboard.

20 frets.

Tune of 647.7 mm.

Benchmarks by white dots.

Grover chrome tuners types (Jin-Ho Instrument).

Rosewood bridge.

Nuts plastic.

Electronics Cort EC-300 with a 9V battery, a volume knob and three sliders for treble, midrange and bass.

Dam X.

Natural finish.

No cover.


Channel enjoyable.
Settings volume and tone controls work well.
The guitar is light.
The finish is good.
Mechanical enjoyable.
Difficult access to acute (normal, no cutaway).
Nut set incorrectly: The ropes and Si are too high.
The intonation is not terrible especially the B string, the fault of that bridge saddle plastic low end.
Planning frets poor.


The acoustic sound is very good for a guitar of this range (low end), clear treble and deep bass, not huge but very correct.
Once connected, the sound is a little rough but acceptable (my amp is certainly not adequate either).
Played guitar with DR Zebra strings ZAE12 a Fender Eighty-Five.


Used for 8 years.
What I love most: the sound, not tight at all.
What I like least: have to edit the frets.
The overall rating is unfortunately affected by these two small plastic pieces that spoil everything.
Good quality / price ratio for really cheap.