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Cort X

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User reviews on Cort X products

Cort X9 (Cort - X-9)

By MGR/Ji, 02/04/2004
Bought it from swee lee(singapore) for about $465 brand new. Ws recommended by de salesperson there.

Its black n the finish is superb n rather hard to scratch. Sounds fantastic on distortion n even has coil tap. pickups in de style of HSH. sturdy n has just enuf sustain to sound both gibsonish n fenderish. design looks much like an ibanez rg but much cooler. neck material is solid maple with basswood body. controls r all in de right place (similar to a fender). keeps tunings really well.

FLOYD ROSE!!! i hate it cos it takes a hell long time to tune it. also de bridge is painted balck so de paint has started coming off n de metal tarnishing. sounds terrible on clean as if there wasnt enough power. terrible frets which make sliding a pain in de ass.

quality... totally worth it for its price. construction... pretty gd except tt de inside if de guitar looks beaver chewed. finish i say again is gd. better than gibson or fender. solid!

a very gd guitar for both beginners n intermediate. gd for those who love loads of distortion. cool looks. gif it a try.

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Cort X-6 (Cort - X-2)

By MGR/Paddy Cumming, 26/05/2004
I bought this guitar from a music store in newport and it was about £210. I bought this guitar because i wanted a nice metal sounding guitar that had a decent locking tuner.

There are so many good things about this unit. It has mightymite pick up's witch i think are duncan designed and they sound great. The neck is very smooth going and very playable.The locking unit is great and stays in tune even after dive bombs! And it has a beautiful black gloss finish!

There are'nt really any things wrong with this unit. Some people may need to file the frets down according to there own preference but this is not a problem for me as i love my vibrato!

the quality is great its a boly on neck witch is great beautiful bass wood great finish. No fret buzz or intonation problems any where.(I checked every single fret before i bought it!)

All in All this is a great guitar that any indermediate guitarist could want. i choose this over an ibanez rg270dx and that guitar is great so you can imagine how good this guitar is!

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Cort x-6 (Cort - X-2)

By MGR/daniel, 14/09/2004
i learnd guitar for something like half year and i was searching fpor a nice electric guitar and alot of people told me to buy this living in israel so everything here is expensive. i purchaset it for 300 dollars(1500 nis). i purchased it in a store in israel called music center.

what i like in this unit is what you get for what you paid. i think that it could be a very good guitars, amnd after its doing not bad for now but i had some problems with it. its sound is very sweet and nice on clean and distortion both. its shape looks very good... this guitar is a babe.. my crt is in black finish and it looks very beautiful.

well here comes all the problems. well first, even with the double locking tremelo its still goes out of tune, and it takes years to put it in tune and to keep on it. i had a problem with the floyd rose when i replaced my strings it went up very high but i fixed it by strengthenning the screws on the back of the guitar. its still goes out of tune now but not really out... really a little bit. after all its a very good guitar and you need some patience for it. by the way because i was needed to be involved alot with the tune i have a very musical hearing and i dont need any tuners my ears are the best tuners you will get.

ok this is an indonesia maden guitar(are there guitar factories in indonesia???) it has a bassword body, its pickups are h\s\h, mightymite pickups(well they sound better than theyre name and thats for sure). it has a double locking tremolo system. it has 24 frets and mine is in black finish very beautiful ike ive said before. one tune and one volume buttons. it has a 5 way pickup selector.

i think that its a fine guitar for the start and maybe i can change it to a better pickups but the main problem is tunning. i give it an 8.if it was stolen id probably buy a better guitar without floyd rose or with a very good one. i think that if you want to start and you dont have patience for tunning problems you can forget it but if you do have, its can be your perfect guitar nd besides without it i wouldnt have this prfect musical hearing. weii thats all.

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Cort X2 (Cort - X-2)

By MGR/Anonymous, 10/02/2006
Ive been playing guitar 8 Years.
Genre: Rock/Metal

Acquired at: Local Cort dealer.
Paid: $ 200.00 (U.S.)

Quality, Sound, Playability, Design, Brand.


Very good construction, high quality pickups and electronics, nice glossy finish.

I don't really pay attention to the brand of a guitar, its not really necessary. If it plays excellent and the overall construction of the guitar is excellent and the price is right, then the brand dosn't matter to me. Cort produces guitars at high quality standards that meet or exceed the quality of similar top brand guitars, the only diffrence I have found is the price.

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