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Cort Zenox

Cort Z42 (2012)

User reviews on Cort Zenox products

Anonyme's review (Cort - Z42)

By Anonyme, 07/02/2006
-Made in Indonesia
-22 Frets
-2 Dual microphones
SET-tone bass and treble


Cargo crossings easier it is too heavy and feel sitting is a chier


I jou with a marshall amp mg10cd

it has a little trouble on heavy distortion and tends to focus on acute.


I use it for a year
I'm pretty satisfied because the report is rather good price qualitée
it is a guitar that is well suited to a beginner because it has good versatility
vrément but it is too heavy (even if was a minor detail)

8 years of marriage! not a wrinkle. (Cort - Z22)

By rmydelmas, 24/09/2012
same config as the other reviews, pickgard black mirror.


Then the court but the handle is big enough box, it is late it is extremely pleasant and differs enormously from one measurement to handle Les Paul, this is the exact opposite. ideal for beginner guitar beginner or less begins Schréder a bit.

weight is super résonnable, which is not necessarily a sign of quality travel guitar but this is happiness, the shape is nice although I rather regret the absence of curvature (hump on the table) Les Pauls. this is a very good compromise between Les Paul and Strat. access to the treble is very good. I have noted that this guitar for 8 years and I have no problem with toujour handle, no torssion no deformation, no fret frieze is not even in the acute sensitivity (around the 12th), and this is my lack malgrès regard for this quitare who scoured the country in europe, fabric cover, the campfire and night under the stars with the star rose in the morning.

the handle is polished, it still adds comfort to this shovel, it is also the reason why I chose it. the rest of the body is surrounded by a very strong but very polished end (it is far from a guitar Dean).

frets his fines, poliçage is very nice but the angle chosen is sometimes a problem: the fineness of gene handle a little to bend at the 2 strings mi.

she has a good sustain keeping in mind that this is a guitar input range. and without an amp (acoustic) she has a good volume (for solidbody) and good vibrations.


Good .. connected is already less enjoyable, it's a guitar to 350 euros in stores, so you expect a little rotten microphones but there's worse. I think the fault is on the output volume of the microphone to be hyper faiblar, but on a transistor that bother. the frequency is somewhat reduced, the two microphones seems to be exactly the same shot of the sonnorité between one and the other virtually unchanged. against short changed pickups not too expensive but not better be easy to find.


I use it for 8 years without me tired on various amp in good changean amp mics toujour retains the same grain, do not hard if you do not like the change pickups.

Chosen for its comfort, ITS PRICE strength. she aged really well so if you found OCCAZ buy there even if you do not need it, it makes a perfect shovel travel, coupled with amPlug Jonhy and go go!

Well to start (Cort - Z42)

By Maxishadow, 05/03/2013
Comes from Indonesia

22 boxes and two humbuscker splitables an easel and tune-o-matic

You end up with a good violin and microphone does not prevent accurate lutherie express themselves.

Only flaw is the handle of lutherie that tends to shift a bit like "banana", complicating the game a little, but with a straightening sleeve, voila, the operation was not to repeat for me.


The maple handle is convenient to slide, comfortable to hold

The guitar is frankly a bit heavy.

The highs are good, but hard to play in boxes 19-20 ... better not to have too big fingers

This guitar remains simple to play, and great for the beginner level as confirmed


Personally, I'm more rocker / metalhead so I use the distortion pretty powerful, even if I use other distortions and crunchy.

Garde guitar sound with a modular digital amp (Line6 Spider II brand)

Generally, I ride a lot in acute severe but still comfortable (in sound, eh ...)


I use this guitar for a year, she did not absolutely disappointed that I have not played many other guitars.

This guitar is distinguished by a very good price / quality ratio and an ergonomic design and a very nice for the price and the quality.

This is a guitar that I would recommend to anyone to begin or continue learning even thinking even if it is not a scratch to the professional level.

Uh .. (Cort - Z42)

By ricosolo, 21/12/2010

I just received my new Cort Z42 zenox Order cheap w *** b ****

Default of fabriquation at the jack of the guitar is missing a screw which is a bad sign .. I'm gonna see tomorrow morning with the sav but not throwing the delivery and therefore has no check in time. When a guitar any default in general is that it was a showcase or is not so new that ca ...

I do not know if it is frequent but if tomorrow they intend to send me a screw Cava shit serious.


To see.


To see.


Be little

News Cort Zenox

Cort Releases Zenox Series Guitars

Published on 04/10/12
Cort Guitars introduces their revised Zenox Series with four models: Z-Custom1, Z-Custom2, Z44 and Z42.