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User Review

moosers's review - Apple Cinema Display 20"

I've been using the Apple Cinema Display 20" for about two years ever since I started working at the recording studio that I currently work for. I use it for monitoring Pro Tools HD and it really comes in crystal clear. This is an absolute necessity as I need be able to see everything clearly on the screen so I can make all the decisions that I intend to make. It is also essential to have a big enough screen so that I can have everything open at once that I would like to. While I mostly use this for a Pro Tools system, it is effective and useful for just about all types of Apple computer use, whether it be for music or not. I have come to expect high quality products from Apple all across the board, and the Apple Cinema Display 20" monitor does not disappoint. It has an overall great look to it, that is both professional and effective. The 20" screen is a great size because it allows me to fit a great deal of information on the screen at one time. Having two of these is even better as it would give you a huge amount of space and you would never have to switch screens. The price of the Apple Cinema Display 20" monitor isn't the cheapest that you can get, but you are truly getting a great product that will last for a while if you treat it properly. While this probably works best with Apple computers and other Apple products, it will work with any other type of computer if you choose to use it with something other than an Apple. Overall, the Apple Cinema Display 20" is an awesome monitor that has an extremely clean look and provides a great deal of space to display whatever information you need.