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User Review

Beautiful Screen.. - Reviews Apple Cinema Display 20"

The Apple Cinema Display 20” is a beautiful monitor, especially when used with pro tools HD. It doesn’t get any better than the quality of this monitor. I have used this monitor for a bout a year and half. It is a good size “20 inches is plenty enough screen room to run all of your plug-ins and have a few things visible all the at the same time. Apple products always deliver the highest quality, and I knew that before I bought it so I knew what to expect. I tried several other monitors before this one, and they didn’t have the feel of the Apple Cinema Display. This is a really beautiful monitor. The issue with this monitor is the price, I feel like the price of this monitors is way to high. For the price of this monitor you can get a HD plasma screen tv and use it as a monitor which is what most people are doing right now. We all know that with apple they charge a pretty penny and the quality of the products they produce is usually worth that pretty plenty. But I feel like in this case its not worth that much to invest into a screen/monitor when there are plenty of other high quality monitors available at a cheaper price. But I still use this monitor for now, and I am very satisfied with the display and the quality, just not the price that I paid for it. The Cinema widescreen display is beautiful and this monitor is used in a lot of major studios. This actually comes with several of the mac computers. Apple always outshines the competitors with quality, and they always have great support incase you need help getting things up and running. You wont need any help with this beautiful screen though. Just hook it up to the port on your computer and you are good to go.