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Daddario EXP16 Guitar Strings (EXP Coated Phosphor Bronze Wound Acoustic Guitar)

By MGR/Billy, 09/12/2010
The EXP16s are the latest strings from D'addario. What sets them apart is a coating to phosphor bronze strings. Don't get all crazy on me, it's a thing coating, so it's not like all the other coating strings.

I saw that Fender was putting these on the newest line of their acoustics and well I think the new Fenders are great partly because of these strings. I picked a set up for $10

D'addario always puts out a quality product. I've dealt with the customer service before since a cable I bought had a lifetime warranty, great service from them.

The strings were warm and balanced. I was able to get a month of heavy play out of them. I'm talking daily playing. If you're a casual player I'm sure you could go 6 months to a year on these.

No weird squeaks like you get from overly coated strings.

Nothing I didn't like. The tone does shift a bit as the strings break in naturally, so if you don't like the tone right off the bat, don't worry.

D'addario puts out a consistent product. I've only received the best from them.

A great, long lasting string from D'addario. See for yourself. I'm still using my first pack.

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My personal favorite (XL Nickel Wound Electric)

By jkessel, 01/05/2012
I've used these strings for about 8 years now and they've always been my favorite. I've gone through Ernie Ball, DR, GHS, Dunlop, Elixir and these have always lasted the longest and sounded the best. They stay bright and sound new for weeks if not months. They have a rougher feel than most which I happen to like, I like to be able to really feel the strings under my fingers. Recently I moved to Florida so I've been getting problems with them rusting within a week or so. Since then I have switched to coated strings, I tried Elixir but ultimately sided with Daddario again.
Strings are all a personal preference so not much use in recommending them, but I'll just say I've stuck with them for a reason.

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[MUSIKMESSE] D'Addario Humiditrak sensor

Published on 04/08/16
D'Addario presents the Humiditrak, a Bluetooth sensor described as "the world's first 24/7 instrument monitoring system".

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Published on 01/18/12