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[NAMM] PreSonus StudioLive AVB Mix Systems

PreSonus presents its new StudioLive AVB Mix Systems, which combine rack mixer(s), control surface and integrated software.

PreSonus has unveiled its new StudioLive AVB Mix Systems, a series of packs which combine one or two StudioLive RM-series rack mixers, a StudioLive CS18AI Ethernet/AVB control surface (which features eighteen 100mm touch-sensitive motorized faders), and an integrated control, recording, and production software.

Scalable, fully recallable, networked over AVB Ethernet, and tightly integrated with included software, the StudioLive AVB Mix Systems put your I/O in an onstage, rack-mount mixing system with an integrated recording interface, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet networking, while providing an advanced control surface at front-of-house with 18 touchsensitive, motorized faders and 4x2 I/O.

Four systems are available:

  • StudioLive AVB 16AI Mix System, with one StudioLive RM16AI mixer
  • StudioLive AVB 32AI Mix System, with one StudioLive RM32AI
  • StudioLive AVB 48AI Mix System, with one of each RM model, cascaded to form a 48-input, 64-channel system
  • StudioLive AVB 64AI Mix System, with two cascaded StudioLive RM32AIs for a 64-input system

Of course, it is also possible to start with a single-mixer AVB Mix System and expand it later by cascading a second, separately purchased RM-series mixer.
Both mixers in a cascaded AVB Mix System can be controlled from the StudioLive CS18AI and from UC Surface touch-control software.

Price and availability to be announced later.