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All-purpose compressor (166A)

By eladsky, 19/09/2014
Two channels: Gate, VCA compressor, over easy/hard knee, peak limiter.


Very easy to use because it has only the most basic controls, which allows you to find the right setting pretty fast.


Fabulous, like the legendary 160, much better than the more recent versions (166A/166XT)
Drums, bass, guitars


I've used it for quite some time in my studio, I generally use it for overheads with 2db gain reduction when recording. During mixdwon I use it on the toms, but sometimes also on the snare or kick.

Not as good as the previous model 286A! (286 s)

By Rick Dinsmore, 23/11/2016
Using with RE20, Mackie Mixer, side by side with 286A. New S model sounds harsh and brittle by comparison.
Still a good unit for the money, but I am shopping for another good condition 286A to replace it with. Old model was made in USA, the new one in China, maybe the components are cheaper.

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Published on 04/08/16
dbx introduces the DJdi, a dual channel passive DI box.

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