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User reviews on Dbx DriveRack products

Awesome - Turns any PA system into a HIFI (dbx - DriveRack PX)

By rm31, 04/05/2013
I have owned this product since March 2012. This product has-been used with many combinations of PA systems and always (after a quick set up) Performed faultlessly. It has allowed different combinations of speakers to be controlled to end up with a fantastic sound tailored to the music Being Played Rather than a generic top end heavy sound. The only critisism of the product is the human interface Is not Always the Clearest to use and the auto calibration function needs to be taken with a pinch of salt - this can always be corrected manually though.

Fantastic product - I wish more people HAD em Their ears Would you thank 'em.

Great product for DJ (dbx - DriveRack PA+)

By Starlivemusic, 27/12/2013
I use since May 2012 I had the tc one ElectroVoice and DCX 2496.
What I like: it's a complete tool with compressor equalizer feedback eliminator good. The wizard system to hold the sound is just perfect tune by ear. It is true that the 6 outputs are not scalable playing on whatever filters I think we can work four heads and two sub.
The value for money is good.
Very good choice for a front two sub 2 heads or 4 heads two sub.
I recommend it without any problems.

I love (dbx - DriveRack PA2)

By jmpprod, 16/09/2014
the top super filter is controlled with iPad

very good filter (dbx - DriveRack PA2)

By musicR1, 06/12/2014
I myself used to filter for line array dvat12 with sub. I pa + before and I find that the front. remote control and convenient, the parametric filter output is top and the phase inversion can be convenient for delay. self eq 4 points ds room and more accurate than the old suffocating under low
Here I like bcp and advice certe is not a xta or other mark from 1000 € but for me it is doing taf

News dbx DriveRack

Dbx Driverack PX Now Shipping

Published on 10/05/08
Dbx Professional anounces that the new DriveRack PX Powered Speaker Optimizer is shipping.

[NAMM] dbx Driverack PX

Published on 01/18/08

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