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User Review

comment-tu-dis?'s review - Ibanez AD-100 Analog Delay

Half-rack analog


Very easy to use.
On a guitar amp, for use in mandatory insert in a loop for optimal results.
However, bcp + settings require attention than current digital delay.
The board is for something else, but I advise to push the settings of the machine far enough, then gradually increase the dosage of the loop amplifier until the desired sound.
This model stands in over my head to ampicillin from a long time now ... and it is not about to leave. No wind for me. Opportunity: The model I got is actually a new old stock from a local mag wanted to do some cleaning in the back room ...


I'll keep it simple: it simply delay the + amazing that I could touch it with a scraper. I'm pdt long delays with old-style space or echo Dynacord (I'm still a fan for that matter) but this Ibanez is bcp + easy to use, easy to carry in concert, bcp + reliable, honest, it sounds as good if not better!
With the old analog model, it certainly will not exceed 600 or 800 ms. But here it is above all about quality of sound. The grain is really excellent, the sound is so hot that it soothes the ears. I rarely heard a delay as natural.

For hackers, it is excellent tapper bp without oscillations and to saturate the delay without it coming assault the eardrums.

My basic settings: primarily to provide a great atmosphere in the clear, I use it quite a bit pseudo-reverb (slapback type) but with a + and a relatively high mix of repeat tx slow ... I must say that today'm allergic to any other type of reverb. In saturated (or hyper saturated) the slight shift of scale and bcp brings the heat to bring out a great solo, or pass a particular atmosphere. In all circumstances the food does not delay, it retains all the clarity of the game and enhances the sound of any scratches.


Early 70's. This is one of the first delay produced by Ibanez, designed just after the first prototypes ...
For me the AD100: simply the Rolls Royce of delays.
If you still have the chance to come across one such model. Do not hesitate and go for it!

<p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>EDIT: I just saw the coast of okaz AF ... totally off the mark ... that's the price garage sale and lucky Sunday. The object is mega rare ... have a look at the ratings across the Atlantic: one is close to $ 300 + ...</span>