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User Review

keltic29's review - Ibanez DD-700 Digital Delay

Ibanez Digital Delay DD 700
It is a box to the delay, flanger, chorus in the form of rack 19 a unit, and also very shallow. The power supply is separated and then plugs in the back.
6 round knobs to edit the effects, and a switch to turn the effects off.
The simple and not making cabbage to use it.
I put 8 for the separate power supply, I like it when everything is integrated. It is true that it avoid putting radiators but still ...


We can not be simpler: 6 knobs so:
Feedback level to control the amount of signal to be processed.
Delay level
Delay range
Delay time
All these terms do not require explanation, they are simple to understand.
A red LED illuminates when the effect is a function via the switch Effect. Another LED lights lorqu'on the effect of keeping active (HOLD) via a foot pedal connected to the rear.
In back, there are plenty of connections possible (ten jacks) with the possibility of power supply 9 volts another cascading effect.


I use this machine for chorusser cetain sound of my DX7 or for adding a slight delay (in addition to a Roland DEP 5) and this bike very well filled his office. Very easy to use and very intuitive.


Purchased in March 1988 to 1700 F, always on top and never had any problems.
This kind of machine is the essential, not superfluous, we immediately obtain the effect you want. There is no memory, but there is no real need as few buttons to manipulate.
Notice that in the photo, I obscured by a gray band, the right side of the machine. There is nothing on this part, and this is where I stuck the patch on my instruments mixer which is mounted in the same rack: QED!