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User Review

voicetrack's review - Ibanez DM-1000

<p>Digital Delay with analog control.

- Time delay of a few milliseconds for the chorus and flange to almost one second.

- Modulation of the delay time for the flanger, chorus and vibrato on longer delay.

- Hold button to keep the loop

- Severe acute balance input

- Input switchable preamp microphone (the master</p><p>knob gain) </p>


The edition is simply redoutablemen but the lack of tap tempo can make it a less convenient than others wedged in tempo.
For the rest, nikel and very playful, they immediately wanted to do from the delay in all directions.


Two sonoritées possible level of feedback (in Tirana on knob feedback)

The breath machine may very, especially for a camera in this category.

The sound delay is quite interesting as it is defined CRAD and at the same time. Made an imitable difficilemen on the current effects. Atention, it saturates easily discover and since it is a digital, analog synths harmonics can produirent of aliasigne that can make the sound very messy without it saturates provided at the entrance.


I use it for some time but I have less and less a SDD1000 Korg has the "Tap" and the sampling but it is a super efficient machine.