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User Review

kyrcnos's review - Samson Technologies S-direct

Input jack 1 / 4 output for connecting instrument or preamp, a button to select the desired level. XLR output to go to a console. A button to connect or not to ground (recommended). Powered by 9V battery or phantom power (48V). A button to select the power mode.

== Simple and effective!


Operation is simple if you understand what's the point! The advantage of this trick is used to transform a power output jack which will have huge losses after 6m XLR for better transport of the signal. This is not a preamp, let alone an amp. If you plug a preamp or an instrument directly above and you hear the recorded sound you may be surprised! In fact he will miss the stage amplifier and the loudspeakers to the sound!

Therefore reserved for those who want to dub sound in the instrument output or line out of their amp, the console is located at more than 6m and will rework their sound by incorporating taken simus HP, amp and effects.

No need for manual, just understand what we do.

I spent some time explaining what it is because it is not necessarily what one expects: the view of comemich look a little lower and you will understand why he was so disappointed ...


no color, not had any problems yet!


I do not use it often but it has never disappointed. I especially like the little metal box emcombrant and robust, reliable connections and the fact that she is fed phatom. 9V battery drains very quickly even if you do not use it. So I'm going to put 9 because it is the only fault she has!