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Audacity is a program that I have been using for years now. It is a software that is free and it seems to come with a lot of other programs that you purchase as just like a bonus add on software. Though I really don’t use Audacity that much anymore (I use to use it a lot). It still comes in handy when I want to drag a clip in it and export it in a different format. That is mainly what I use it for. It doesn’t take much computer space up so it doesn’t hurt just having it sit on my desktop until I feel the need to use it.


I cant ever recall having any problems with Audacity, it has run perfect in windows xp, windows vista and I have even used it on an old windows 98 computer. It works great in each of them, I wish other softwares where as universal as Audacity has been over the last few years. It is very stable!


Overall, I wouldn’t feel the need in just going online and downloading this, unless you are really in need of a recording program and can afford to go out and pay a few bucks for a good one. That would be the only reason I would see someone downloading this. I wouldn’t even have this or been using it every if it didn’t come with another piece of software that I purchased many years ago. Though I don’t use it much at all anymore its still good to have just incase. Its quick, no long loading times. The menus are short and right to the point. No manual is needed either everything and I mean everything is self explanatory if you understand basic audio recording interfaces. You have nothing to lose with Audacity, download it and try it out.