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User Review

If it's free, it's for me! - Reviews Audacity Audacity 1

Hassle-free installation on all sorts of computers (even old junk supports the software), it's easy to set up for any mortal without being a computer expert!

It's really practical in standalone mode (on a usb key, for instance)!


I've tested it on many setups and it works fine on all of them (maybe not on Atari ST...).

It recognizes almost all audio connections on your computer!


I've had it for over 10 years! It has helped me modify quite a few tracks on the fly during shows.

The quality depends on your recording soundcard.

It's a Swiss army knife you should ALWAYS have with you! And it's free! You should obviously not expect a Pro Tools or Cubase, it's basic but it does what it does fine!

If you want to record your riffs and make basic mixes without hassles, Audacity is a must have! Personally, I always keep with me a USB key with Audacity on it!