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User Review

A must-have for beginners - Reviews Audacity Audacity 2

It couldn't be easier to install: You can download it from multiple "official" sites, click on it and that's it!
The overall configuration is quite simple, although maybe a bit complicated for beginners ("what's a VSTi?," "you know Asio4all?"....)
No incompatibilities.
Under the Help tab there's a link to the manual.
Oh, I almost forgot its SIMPLICITY and its INTUITIVE interface!


It's amazing how this software works even on an Atari!
I have no complaints. It's very stable.


I think I've been using it for 8 years and it was my first software, which is important because the first one will always remain the first one, especially considering that it will make you feel like Trent Reznor after one hour of use. It took me some time to master it 100% (90% actually, because the effects are awful), but now people can't believe their ears! Listen for yourself! --

After some time you'll obviously move on to the next model: I use music creator 5, which is much more comprehensive. However, I had a hard time in the beginning because Audacity is so intuitive that you can easily get lost with "bigger" software programs.

The pros: The price (oh yeah!), stability, some powerful editing tools (noise reduction, amp. the tool to view and correct distortion, the small crayon to modify curves, which is very handy when you messed up with the mic, and even the mono/stereo switch, etc.) and the easy-to-use interface!

The cons: Effects are pretty bad, it lacks MIDI support.