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Audacity Audacity [Freeware]

User Reviews

777jep's review

By 777jep, 02/08/2008
- Installation is it without problem? No problem - Have you experienced any incompatibility? Yes, with the MIDI
- The configuration gnrale is easy? Yes
- The manual is clear and sufficient? ... Yes


- What is the configuration of your computer? (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Disk / sound card ..) 1.10 Ghz deprocesseur, 256 MB RAM, 18 GB HDD, USB sound card. It works from hell
- The software works he correctly on this configuration? Yes, a stone apart slowdown recording
- This software + hardware configuration is stable? A Little


- How long have you use it? 6 months
- What is the particular feature you like best and least? +: The effects, the fonctionnlit the price. -: Slowdown in Line IN.
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir Yes, Nero Wave Editor
- How do you report qualitprix? Excellent
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? Yes ...

Oliviercool's review

By Oliviercool, 28/10/2007
Audio edition software (see same multitrack!) Free available for Mac, PC and even Linux (check).

Available in several languages, including in French! Unless the online help that it remains in English, too bad.

Easy to install and lightweight, it takes very little resources. The installation file is only 2.12 MB


This is not the very first time I try this software. In beginners, c'tait blah blah but now with version 1.2.6, it is incredibly daring for free. It is even a multitrack! Yes, like Adobe Audition, my favorite editor! Or almost because there are two main things missing to make it a true multi-audionumrique. Indeed, it is impossible to spcifier between and on what kind of multi-channel sound card (I have a SEK'D Prodif Plus) are assigned to individual Manir on each track. Impossible, for example, assign the track on a stro between 1 and 2 and output 1 and 2, the mono track 2 on the 5 to exit 5, the Stereo track 3 on 3 to 4 and the output 7 and 8, etc.. I find it too domaaaaaaaaage. We are forced to choose between his release and for all tracks, for all the software. In addition, it is impossible to CRER dparts virtual bus and returns assignable effects on input - output sound card, making it impossible to use external effects processors.

In addition, it can import midi files but I can not costs or an external sound module or synth like the Yamaha QS300 is impeccable yet neither has a synthesizer as the Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas or Yamaha XG softsynth S-YXG50 example. In fact, I do not see anywhere rgler o which port MIDI to enter and on which port to MIDI MIDI out signal. Okay, I admit, I have no internal synthesizer on my sound card (may be that this only works Manir this?), This may be why the MIDI does not work not ... You can import midi files but I wonder what use it is impossible to record or apparament or give Listen to MIDI. Okay, I admit, is a publisher - squenceur audio and not MIDI. This by the way, I do not GNER it becomes as a MIDI squenceur ^ ^

He has single effects (apart from that is hard rverberation paramtrer) and the effective but also: can not save the file in small rglages effects, always every time re- rgler effects instead of being able to call them. In addition, the prvisualisation only takes a few seconds of empty apprcier not always the effect before applying it.

SETTING THE The mixes are simple: volume and pan, that's all. No rglage frequency drives individual track, unless they are applied to the audio files and it seems that has worked in destructive mode (ie - a change that the audio file propremment said instead of changing her fawn to be reproduced). on the other hand, which is gnial is her fawn to mix tracks together at volumes: thanks envelopes directly visible on the slopes! It is unfortunate that frquences bass, treble and settings, as well as the intensity of effects can not very RULES via envelopes: this is the last time I'm looking for a squenceur multitrack software capable of this without success until Submitted.

It is also unfortunate that the protocol does not support plug-ins such as DirectX or VST for example, but you can not blame a free software because it should probably pay royalties in order to introduce these protocols.

Too bad he did not also function of cost in loop (I have not seen anyway), as there are in the Adobe Audition, which would have the opportunity to work samples for samplers.

In del audio tracks, it is also possible to create trails and markers of time: I do not see what they serve.


Almost pro software for next to nothing (except to the download ^ ^)


It&#39;s free!

It&#39;s multitrack!

He is multilingual in French which

Rgler simple effects and good quality (except rverb)

Lightweight in terms of MB in terms of resource consumption, it can run on any "old" computer.

What it lacked:

Spcifier power over what enters and assign each of which output audio track: the base! Nothing that because of this, I still use my favorite current software: the Adobe Audition.

Can at least listen to midi files on an external synth or virtual

Several bus and sent back to assignable effects on input and output SPECIFICATIONS sound card.

The possibility to listen the sounds loop

The possibility to edit custom settings effect at the same time listen to their effects in the prvisualisation, facilitating research.

It is a sound edition software which does not lack boldness! Continue and you will eventually dtrner the great of this world ^ ^

willbe's review

By willbe, 17/10/2007
I use the Mac version, and as with most Mac apps, installation is simple.
The export plugin is to install Lame MP3 and more, and is highly efficient.
Is rare enough to be mentioned, Audacity is translated into several languages ​​including French, which make life easier for people starting out.


Soundforge was used to when I was on the PC, I had to find an audio editor when I was at Mac. Audacity has been very suited to my needs editing, retouching and sampling. I have the beta version 1.3.3 with Universal Binary that runs perfectly on my Macbook Intel Core2Duo. Also, I see a greater stability in the software throughout my frequent use. It is light and starts quickly, which is a measure of well-written and optimized code.


For several months I use Soundforge and not missing me, I took my new automation Audacity of worry-free.
The open-source, free, and good!

As for improvements I would like to appear, it would be tuned in real time previews of effects. At present, we must press again on "preview" after changing a parameter to recalculate listening. What remains of course very useful.


marcellus0's review

By marcellus0, 11/11/2005
Easy to install different OSes (Windows, Linux ...)
Very easy to use.


Not need a very powerful computer to use, this software is very powerful and has the same features as the paid software ...


The nice thing is its simplicity, the ability to export to ogg, and the rate of change of free software! long live opensource!
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News Audacity [Freeware]

Audacity v1.3.8 Beta Available

Published on 07/22/09
The Audacity Team has announced the release of Audacity v1.3.8 (Beta) for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix.

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