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Separating individual songs from a 30 minute show

I've got a 16 track show recorded, all separate wav file tracks.
I want to separate these by song and save the multi track wavs for each song to it's own song folder for easier manipulation.

How can I separate the one huge file into separate songs while keeping the files synced to each other?

There seems to be no "select all" option in multi track view, so I can't simply highly all the tracks for one song and then cut. If I could I could do that, then just go to edit view and paste them all.

I'm at a loss.

Any help is appreciated! I've got Cool Edit Pro 2.0

And merry christmas....

Cool edit is a very long time for me....
I believe there was a way to mark different parts of a multi track recording and export them separately.

But how.... I'm not sure about this