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User reviews on Digital Converter products

moosers's review (Brainstorm Electronics - DCD-8)

By moosers, 01/02/2011
The Brainstorm DCD-8 is word clock home base for your professional studio. The device serves as a starting point for all your converting needs, working as a digital clock for digital audio recording. The DCD-8 has three word clock connections, including one on the front, as well as three AES/EBU, S/PDIF, Optical, Video, and FireWire connections. It’s definitely flexible in what it can do, but we use it as a simple word clock in the B room at the studio where I work. It is rack mountable and will take up just a single space in a traditional rack casing.


Having the Brainstorm DCD-8 in your audio recording rig definitely makes for having everything in order when it comes to all of your gear being on the same page. We have it at the studio in one of our main rooms, using it with all sorts of different converters and a variety of other gear. I didn’t set this up at all in the studio, so I don’t have that sort of experience with it, however it seems like there is a ton you can do with it beyond what we’re using it for. Once you have it locked in with your gear and ready to go, it’s going to be the kind of gear that really just sits there and does it’s job. Having a central word clock isn’t going to be necessary in all studios, but definitely is a good idea if you have many different converters and want to make sure everything is on the same page without any problems. If not everything is locked in together you can definitely experience many issues with digital recording. I don’t really know what kind of price the Brainstorm DCD-8 commands, but I’d be surprised if it was cheap since it’s one of the best of it’s kind. It’s definitely nice that it has all the connections in the world you’d want here and is also useful for use with video. The Brainstorm DCD-8 is going to be as versatile as any word clock out there and is worth serious consideration if you need a word clock in your studio.

Excellent and functional (Behringer - Ultramatch SRC2000)

By Sebounet, 02/11/2013
Digital converter. Input, aes / ebu, toslink, optical. Output, ditto. This is the equivalent of a digital patch: one entry at a time, but three simultaneous outputs, including format conversion 32khz to 44 khz and various modules corrections digital variations. Clear screen printing, and functional. I bought 10 euros used for that price, hard not to put a maximum score


Significant feature: the systematic screen printing, very understandable. An LED system allows you to know where we are.
Small hatred: in the user manual, the difference between fashion consumer and professional output is incomprehensible for a non-technician. And I would gladly appreciate a VU meter control.

I do not have the habit to buy Behringer, the low-cost part of waking distrust. But here, for once, it is clear that Behringer has done a good job.

CROPUS's review (M-Audio - Co2)

By CROPUS, 26/08/2008
16 and 24 bit format up to 48 kHz
optical and SPDIF to spdif to optics.


I use it for 5 minutes
and works well
Small Housing Case mtallique 9cm x 6cm x 3cm
I like the helpful-slip feet saw the little watch case.
I do not like that damn spare power (again .... grrrrr) but free! (I mean included in the price)
it's still too expensive of all fawns.

I put 9 because nothing is perfect.
when the choice again, I would say later.

News Digital Converter

TC Electronic UpCon Stereo to 5.1 Converter

Published on 09/13/13
TC Electronic introduces today at IBC the UpCon stereo to 5.1 audio converter designed for HD postproduction, broadcasting and mastering.