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User Review

Without regret - Reviews Allen & Heath Qu-16

Purchased in a pack with Flight, but mounting brackets not included. Rackable yes, but more than 50 € the pair square :/
I took it for: the advantages of digital (effects, banks ...), the brand, the ability to record multitrack without a PC, and especially the possibility to control the thing from an ipad.
I thought that A & H we propose a very restricted not concurencer its more upscale version, but there really has what to do with this Bécanne! First surprise, the graphic equalizer on out, really nice!
with updating the firmware, the color sliders for the parametric equalizer, more convenient!
Compressors, gates, equalizers, phase reverse, phantom power supply on each slice.
Well, I'm not going to redo the most complete description, but I am very satisfied with this little console, especially since they took out the windows drivers :)


Using this console still requires a little practice, I found myself repeatedly has upset the bus effects while I thought being an auxiliary set. Some functions are not super obvious to find without reading the doc, as linker two tranches, reset the settings, or open the bank).
Some parts of the operation remain enigmatic to me, like why when increasing the general one in, it also increases the layer 2? (As if you wanted to inject in the hand ...) I understand not.
But apart from these small details, this console is great, adjusting effects or equalize in some manipulation, much faster and more intuitive than what I used before (an old Yamaha, a 03D may be).


I do not have the ear to say that the preamps are super good convertion or the analog / digital is transparent, all I can say is that with material well below the professional sound, you m has done reflection on the feast of music, the sound was really good, which is all the more fun when you look at what the public focus may not be receptive to this kind of detail.
on the other hand I want to emphasize that when some sources have put a sting dangerously in the red, the signal was not found to be saturated, there is a bit of margin a bit like a analog unlike what had told me.
And the reverb is for me a real treat.


I did that a few times out in benefits, but I played a lot with prior history of the handle. This is my first digital, before I worked with Spirit SX 12 entries, I can not say that sounds better than anything, these are not the same dutout configurations (front, microphones, local ...), but I do regret my purchase, for the price of a small console GL2400 style I find myself with equalizer effects of the gates, without having to carry around an effects rack and wiring that goes with it.
I just wonder if I should not have to crack the 24 ...