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User Review

INFO PRESONUS on 16 February 4-April 24 Software 2 Capture - Reviews PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2

Value For Money : Excellent
Connections jacks, rack brackets, making a little plastic damage and gates a little limited.
Very explicit and clear doc made by and for the user! VERY SIGNIFICANT


For those who use a prsonus 16 or 24 April 2 April 2.
Besides the incredible ergonomics of the console preamps of good quality, and easy grip, even for the most reluctant from the analogue world (like me for example) here's a little info on when to use a computer to track the acquisitions tracks. -Some of you may have encountered difficulties with the stability acquisition computer. With the software "CAPTURE" PRESONUS when rec puts on several tracks is not uncommon for the REC PLAY becomes what is unpleasant.
SOLUTION: CONSOLIDATE YOUR ELECTRIC CURRENT, adding as little inverter via a simple base, the problem is finally resolved.
For example, I was on version 2 before the April 16 April 24 2 and it happens to me often to record 16 tracks + LR 44100Hz for 10 hours without encountering the problem. Invest in an inverter 70 € for your recordings and make your back.


No noise, preamps excellent value for money


2 From 16 April 2011 to 24 April 2 since 2014 excellent value for money