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User Review

A safe bet - Reviews Yamaha 01V96

I will not go back on its characteristics. With various expansion cards (common to 02R), you can almost have your cake, eat it and the backside of the creamer.


A dive in the manual is necessary to become familiar with the machine. It is not easy for the novice but the game is worth it, because she knows everything. I use it exclusively for recording, coupled with a Profire Lightbridge on an imac. By adding an I / O card, I 16 simultaneous tracks ADAT, which is comfortable for recording taken "live in the studio."
Once presets patiently concocted, the console turns off-road, it is also not for nothing that many small concert halls are equipped.


I do not use effects. Some think that a sampling frequency of 96 kHz is not sufficient ... to shock I admit that I parameter to 44.1 kHz for most of my recordings as my ProTools M-powered is going anyway until 48 kHz and I am saving and dithering. Since we are now mainly listened to mp3 on a smartphone, why sweat ...


It is undoubtedly one of my best purchases for recording. I always want to upgrade a lot of things, like all of us, but I do not see the point with this console. There has competition, especially from Tascam, but why complicate things unnecessarily? Especially since my copy is flawless reliability.
In sum, a semi-professional table quality, I recommend without reservation.