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User Review

Small Controller time! - Reviews Edirol U-8

Easy to handle, slide the faders well and not flanchent under the fingers; certainly not very strong (plastic), but if have not sudden, everything is fine ... for them anyway!

When the buttons for selecting various parameters of the console, they do not present any weaknesses, and should take the shock over the years!

The material itself is all hard plastic, I would not bet if the launches are on the 4th floor, it comes out unscathed!


Passive use only (without USB so), I was able to connect Midi, a sampler and a sound module to my 1820M, to also connect in audio this time, out of my 1820M via a tape deck!

I have not tested the USB connection, as useless for what I wanted out!


The headphone output, unlike inputs, spring low, prompting to set the level almost fully, perhaps, construction defect ...


It has to be a buying opportunity for me, but that has served me throughout the time I've used!

A choice I would if there was only this one on the market, but for the current competition ...

Inexpensive and useful at the time, both for the nomad, as the home studio, it's still a controller to test and keep, if have is in love with Roland and his old products!

Mad Max