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User Review

Unexpected capabilities - Reviews Edirol U-8

I will not go on, and on what was said before.
- It's a Swiss Army knife.
- No phantom power.
- The buttons and fader me look strong and long lasting.
- I have not had the opportunity to install the app to use the effects. But stand-alone mode, you can apply a default reverb built in, which allows for a handy extra reverb used with a console without effect (good point)


I mainly use the remote control mode and on this point, I was really pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of this tool.
- I am running XP.
- In Cubase, with 8 faders can control the equal (gain, bypass, q, frequency), the insert, the fx send, pan. In short almost all the common commands.
- It is important to say that under older versions of Cubase, the possibilities are even greater control. Audio capability


not tested, but I think it can satisfy a small home studio or a beginner.


Regarding sound cards, I tried a lot of stuff. It's not over I make a comparison but compared to other DAW controller as the BCF 2000 I également.Le big advantage of the BCF is the motorized faders
I use it in conjunction with the BCF and there is royal. The BCF controls the volume faders and transport (as it is motorized, and U8 control the editing of each track).
I thought the sale but not anymore. She has hidden abilities.