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Clavia Nord Electro 4D & 4HP

Clavia have announced the arrival of their new Nord Electro 4.

This follow-up to their Nord Electro 3 has, among other features, more memory and an upgraded organ section. The Electro 4 will be available in two versions the Electro 4 HP and the Electro 4D. These instruments feature everything from the Electro 3 series, adding the new Nord C2D tone wheel engine and 122 Rotary Speaker simulation, USB MIDI and more.


The new Nord Electro 4 HP has twice the memory capacity of its acclaimed predecessor, Nord Electro 3 HP. The Organ section has been upgraded to the latest Tone Wheel engine from our dual manual organ Nord C2D, including a new 122 Rotary speaker simulation and Drive. The Hammer Action Portable (HP) keybed offers weighted keys for a total weight of 11 kg / 24.25 lbs.

Organ Section

The Nord Electro 4 features the B3 tone wheel organ engine from the Nord C2D organ and includes a redesigned Key Click simulation as well as the Rotary Speaker simulation of a vintage 122 unit with a new overdrive.


The Nord Electro 4D is fitted with physical drawbars of the same type as the Nord C2D. The Nord Electro 4 HP organ section is identical in features but sports the Digital LED Drawbars.


The organ can be split, for compact dual manual action and it's possible to assign the lower manual to a second MIDI keyboard. Inputs for a Swell pedal and Rotary Speaker control are also available.


Check Nordkeyboards for more details on the Electro 4 HP and Electro 4D.