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User Review

matthieuthibaud's review - Kawai MP9000

- 8 octaves
- Wooden Keys
- 12 sounds, many effects
- 4 midi channels: 2 internal (INT), 2 external (EXT)
- Save up to 64 presets
- Control Panel PM: 4 faders, 4 knobs, 2 switches effects buttons (on / off), a bank selector
- No aftertouch


Touch Keyboard
Very nice, I love the wooden buttons. It is quite possible to work the traditional understanding that the digital must remove a part of the fun of this musical style (see notice below the pianist).

Configuration / checks
Steering internal sounds
the user interface is readable, and thought for the scene: ability to name and save presets, ability to define links as time for a playlist (1-32).

Use as a simple keyboard controller
The use of two external channels (EXT) with four assignable controls with knobs is easy.

> In short, if we limit ourselves to functions provided, the device is practical, very homogeneous, very pro indeed.

Using advanced as a master keyboard
It is entirely possible to use the MP9000 to drive softs PM: 4-channel faders + 4 + 4 + 2 switches knobs generic + 1 + 1 channel selector switch bank of 16 buttons, but it's hard (the difficulty is gradually depending on the number of items listed you wish to use simultaneously!). Finally, I am almost out by developing a specific Java interface (transformer cubase can give results). The machine was not designed for that, you will say yes but it's a shame, a score of 7 "only." I think it should be a little easier with the MP9500, although I can not be completely sure.


The sounds are very good, especially the piano, but we expect no less of a camera in this class. However, I am using the machine as a master keyboard.


Use for 6 months

+ The weighting of the keyboard is excellent. Apart from the MP9500 is the best I've tested. I said that I tried some new models to price equivalent to that bargain price I bought the MP9000 (1100 euros).

+ The keys of wood.

+ The control panel is complete, sloping and very accessible.

+ The instrument of professional qualities: it feels in the quality of materials, touch controls, the seriousness of the doc.

The -:
- If you want to use the full panel, including switches and selector bank on the 4 channels to control a soft computer music, I wish you good luck! (Email me, I can give some advice)
If there had been this occasion, my budget at the base would have rather directed towards the CME UF-8, or other weighted keyboards M-Audio ... it is actually incomparable afterwards, they give an impression of plastic toy, both touching the general appearance. However, if you have never done a piano and want above all controls noon, the investment may not be mandatory. I snapped at the chance to Euros 1,100 (state average - without pedals), I do it again even at a higher price.