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User Review

Single - Reviews Kawai MP10

- No great sound
- A piano and electric piano properly, very few sounds really interessant
- See data constructor for the connection

- Effects of good quality, nothing more.


- The must of the piano: its keyboard heavy. I was afraid of losing my touch with a new piano, but the mp10 to hit a really heavy, approaching a real piano ... Of course, not a yamaha but rather a ... Kawai, piano kind of studies. In short, no problem to switch to a real piano mp10

- Simulation of several affected and an interesting keyboard editor
- Entire section twelve o'clock sufficient

- If a little confusing menus


- No one, except some kind accouts piano jazz / pop piano and one electric
- Really nice effects on the ep, especially the simulation of light


- From 4 months
- Almost everything is on the market
- No comparable piano for the Touch
- 200 euros cheaper and would have been great


You can read here and there problems with the adjustment of the keyboard. This also happened to me. The cause: the wood swelled and caused disturbances on the keyboard causing unbearable friction of keys. I asked my dealer has an exchange and the second version came 1.5 months later ... No problem. All fontion perfectly.

Also, it is said to be a key scene of ... But it is very fragile to the wooden parts on the side.