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User Review

It could have been much ... - Reviews Kawai MP10

On paper, besides the aspect touch, nothing too special.

- 27 sounds used simultaneously in three banks (banks, not the sounds).
- At noon bare minimum: a starter, a thru, an output ... but especially one midi channel or MP6 there are 3. It must be said that on this point I did not get the logic at Kawai. Why choose between control and quality of touch?
- Display light but legible writing relatively small.
- Effects can be easily edited and well made.
- The "Virtual Technician" is a good idea. Ability to change a lot of parameters such as delay hammers according to the strikes, the harmonic richness of the tuning, the attenuation level of the mute ... really nice.
- The touch when it is to truly apart. A sense of play that I've never had on other electronic machines. Really nice effort product.


Let's start by touch: a killing. Ok, the first keyboard that I received had a key cut too long, which stumbled to rise against the body of the craft ... and the second I received was just a keyboard ... how to say ... Cardboard: clearance of the pivotal key, odd noises. I felt like a keyboard that was 10 years old when I had it unpacked. So the THIRD (yes, you read right) finally what I expected ... in touch (wait on to see).

The manual is super clear. at the same time, given the configuration of the machine is not great sorcerer. The more complicated is usually the "mapping" midi ... and there, bha is fairly succinct. I love the ability to enable or disable sound without the cut if the pedal is on or the keys pressed, unlike other machines.

Ergonomics is still well studied.


The sounds are really what I came to look: simple and effective. It sounds forever. This is quite limited in pads and such, but the sound is there and it's quality.
I wish I had an addition of a section organ ... I finally, there are solutions to hardware or software if the need arises.


As mentioned, I'm on my third keyboard since January and although I love this machine in the absolute, I'm not about to recommend in Kawai: the first two had concerns keyboard. This one has any concerns electronic. As soon as I turn off the beast, some LEDs are lit, and even when the power supply is disconnected ... I think interests of capacitors. I think he'll either go back in for repair (I do not want to swap, I made the mistake with the first ... I should have it repaired) or I will request a refund.

I am really disgusted with so few serious about quality control from a company of this size. So YES this piano is in absolute terms. But please gentlemen Kawai: change of assembly plant, or else install them as competent agents, because at this rate, you will more than rot your reputation.