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User Review

Flawless? - Reviews Kawai MP7

The brand site will give you all the details ...
In summary, there is a keyboard "scene" type, that is to say without embedded audio system with 88 keys, 256 sounds.

The finishes are impeccable. Both in terms of hardware as software.
At a time when the plastic is generally used everywhere, including keyboards in this price range, the MP7 is made of metal, wood (mahogany flanks). It is simple, beautiful and it oozes seriously. Buttons, pots are reassuring for their progressiveness and firmness.
The keyboard is frankly good feeling "ivory touch" credible.
Software side, all the possibilities, functions satisfy a simple logic, the small screen is enough. It is readable.


The manual is well reflected light. I did not need to open for 80% of the functions.
Hit the keyboard should delight demanding pianists.
The opportunity to dedicate a control external midi flight is well designed. In this area, it is far from exhaustive control as a keyboard controller dedicated to this, but what is available is very satisfying to drive plug-ins on main functions. In addition, the logic of the software allows you to configure a lot of "set-up" very easily (up to 256 recordable set-up).
Section internal sounds and effects have the same ergonomics. The parameters are easily adjustable. ditto for the system settings.
Audio "recorder player /" midi section / is also available, flexible and easy to use via USB storage. MIDI files can be read and edit 16 tracks is available for basic settings (vol. pan. Etc.).


The best audio engine in Kawai is installed in the keyboard (HI-XL, 256-note polyphony) ... it sounds very, very good. 256 sounds and effects are all of excellent quality. Only some guitars and winds are a notch below. As for keyboards, they are terrible. Choice, realism, dynamic ... really good. Lovers drawbars, organs and electric pianos of all kinds will be served. I'm not talking about acoustic pianos Kawai ... oblige.
The keyboard of the MP7 is masterfully sound banks. Its parameters can be adjusted according to the received sound (velocity, release by pressing the button etc..).


Well ... if you read the previous chapters, you understand ... I find it almost perfect keyboard. The quality / price ratio is adjusted by line, Kawai does not "pretend" and it has invested all its know-how. Quality at all stages!
Unequivocally an instrument for professional services.
Defects? I do not see ... one, maybe ... No XLR outputs, the latter being reserved for the top model (MP11), but is it unacceptable? Far without need.
An investment that does not disappoint, the MP7 is a success.