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Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano

Korg announced the unveiling of the new SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano.

The SV-1 supposedly offers the "most complete compendium of hit-making vintage electric pianos, funky clavs, classic and cult-fave organs, string machines, analog/digital electronic contenders and world-class acoustic pianos ever available in a single instrument."

Available in 73-key and 88-key models, the SV-1 features Korg's RH3 Real Graded Hammer Action.

SV-1 Supplemental Information:

  • Bank 1 - Electric Piano 1: Tine Electric Piano (x4); VPM Piano (X2)
  • Bank 2 - Electric Piano 2: Reed Electric Piano (x2);Electro-Acoustic Grand; Korg SG-1D; 1980's Synth Piano; MIDI Grand
  • Bank 3 - Clav: Clav (x4); Plucked Reed Piano-ette; Transistor Piano
  • Bank 4 - Piano: Bright Japanese Grand; Smooth European Grand; Mono Grand; Upright Piano; Piano + Strings; Piano + Pad
  • Bank 5 - Organ: Tonewheel (x3); USA Tube Console; Italian Combo; VOX Combo
  • Bank 6 - Other: Real Strings; Tape Strings; String Machine; Real Choir; Synth Brass; Sharp Brass

  • Equalizer: Bass, Mid, Treble
  • Pre FX: Compression; Boost; U-Vibe; Chorus/Vibrato; Tremolo; Wah (Pedal or Auto)
  • Amp Model: Clean; California; Tweed; AC30; Mod'ed OverDrive; Organ Hi-Gain OverDrive
  • Modulation FX: Chorus 1; Chorus 2; Phaser 1; Phaser 2; Flanger; Rotary (Fast/Slow switch)
  • Reverb/Delay: Room; Plate; Hall; Spring; Tape Echo; Stereo Delay (Tap-Tempo)

Pricing  & Availability
The SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano will be available early November 2009. The 73-key SV-173 will carry an MSRP of $2700.00; the 88-key SV-188 will carry an MSRP of $3000.00.

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