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User Review

Expressive, compact and resourceful. - Reviews Korg SV-1 73

It's a full sized piano, with piano keys and all the bells and whistles in terms of connections, XLR or line outputs, midi in and out, sustain pedal, etc. Korg aimed this product at the professional piano player who needs various timbres at her disposal on a portable solution, and they did so very well.

While most of the sound are presets, you can alter various settings with the handsome and responsive knobs on the front, and if 'analog' is your thing, you can 'heat' up things with the built-in AX127 tube.


I gotta be honest, most of my experience with this product comes from recording other people playing it, since I'm not a pro piano player. That being said, I've had no trouble asking the performer to adjust the timbre or even experimenting with the vintage sounds. We can almost get where we want quick and easy and once it's setup we can focus on the performance, and that's where, I think, good pianos stand out from the rest of the controller/synth market.

As an engineer, it's always a pleasure to mix sounds coming in from this keyboard.


Grand Piano, Electric piano, organ, you name it, this one has it all. As I said in the previous paragraph, responsiveness is top notch for performers with piano technique that really use dynamics in their playing, even saturating and distorting pleasantly when really hammered. My favorites are the organ and electric pianos, and since you get all the octaves of a regular piano, you can really spread those chords and create huge sounding pads.


I love that you can just plug it in, browse the sounds and hit record in about 5 minutes. I hate that things this good and easy are not cheap. I love that piano players that know what they're doing immediately begin pouring out great sounds out of this device. I hate that I'm not a great piano player.

If you're in the look for a piano solution for your studio, definitely give this one a try. Remember that Korg sounds too Korg sometimes and compare it to Nord's options out there, which are definitely strong competitors.