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User Review

grain..du of grain .. - Reviews Korg SV-1 73

I know all its competitors .. (I have had clavias ..)

Correct finish, a look of hell ...

A keyboard stage at value for money rather boring ... because the equivalent heavy touch from competitors c is more expensive (especially a North internship at the end of life has 2600 euros ... it makes a lot of difference!)

Touch, not too lightweight ..
The everyone has a feeling ... therefore try ..

At usage:
I've used it on the steps ridiculous scenes at all:
He assured a death, a large dynamic ... a grain of hell .... something dirty and vintage, exactly the intention.

I'm working on, I'm used to my ... and it is true that this keyboard clears something special!

What is important, is that the c keyboard is very well what it is designed. (Live and warm sound)

After, I have a hard time understanding the previous opinion in the sense that we don t buy a keyboard to bring him back after 45 minutes ...

Keyboard feels situation s tame ... and after several hours we start to feel things!
When comparing it to a soft "Akoustik piano" .... it is a bit funny ... (go play live the Akoustik piano with a midi controller ...)

In short ..
This keyboard is the love it or hate it, but what I know, it is that in a situation he assured manner very "pro" in terms of sound ...
It also sells to like hotcakes ...

Today, the sv1 is the only alternative to keyboards in clavia north ....
Except that a North course is much more expensive, and a North electro 3 has not Delay, feel heavy or dual stereo output (for clavias against the will of superiors organs ..)

In conclusion, the sv1 is the best compromise if the organ goes into the background compared to pianos and really clears a big potato!

Everyone to think!
(I will complete my mind later for lack of time!)