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User Review

a good expander, - Reviews Roland JV-2080

expander: no keyboard
how many sounds: ca 1000, whose styles dépandent cards made inside
Edition: on top, a large and clear screen menus displayed a lot of information: the top
controllers: controller in no facade, but he receives a maximum
polyphonic 64 channels for 16 shares


simple configuration, maps, patches, performance

handbook as a manual roland clear, very correct, is not ca korg, but at the same time understanding how a Sonera sinusoidal sound from a graphic is not what is easiest. The experience, however, will be your best help.

Finally, this is called a ROM PLAYER. I think it's a great synth, because the editing is very thorough. everyone sees what he wants, but I hang altogether personal.

short, for me it's very correct


sounds ... yes all need

expression: good, I play with a purpose to spoil noon (sending many MIDI volume), this game requires enormememnt resource for sound modules. The JV is far from being the pick, especially if I compare it to more recent models.

Then, provided we put the maps, the quality of some loop is far from being exceeded ca bang and we quickly realized that a huge part of the music played on our airwaves in the 90 'comes from the series JV, with no big studio modification.

some find that the 2080 sounds less than JD990. It's possible (I've never touched a JD800 or JD990) the convertos seems there are less good. Custom fits me, I find that the output level is actually difficult to adjust and the sound seems a little "fuzzy" at low volume. provided, the bass is very very very present and the dynamics is.

CHART HOUSE and HIP HOP is an excellent test. look on youtube and you can get a view of the machine.

ca perfectly complements my setup


13 years (already) with JV 6 cards inside.

the first few days have been disastrous, I found the sound not as good as my old and incredibly 05RW (that say), but over time I got round to ROLAND.

Today I am in the minimal and electro to drum loops and drumkits is a jewel.
After the sounds and webs tecknoîdes me seem worse.

In any case, it is a trigger idea, I do not spend too much time to program, I want a sound, I find using the sort by category and preview of a sentence based on sound category by pressing a button is very handy

value for money right now excellent, but the hardware could shoot up and the odds go up. to buy without undue delay.

only the JV2080 is not worth much to a ROM PLAYER. If you buy for this framework, the gavez a max card SR JV, it's worth it (except 7, mediocre, distributed with the original JV2080 and the piano store fire show was stolen at the time of my purchase ...)