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User Review

Very interesting. - Reviews Roland JV-2080

64 voice polyphony, multitimbral 16 shares, EFX chorus + reverb + EFX including 3 separate and can be controlled performance! 8 card slots SRJV.
Edition comprehensive and easy with the screen!


Very easy to use overall, editing is done easily if one has some basis.


As is often said, is a generalist expander, okay! when reviewing all the sounds, my first feeling was not very enthusiastic (as the Motif ES). It sounds muffled (especially compared to JD990), two / three little things nice and that's it! but .......
Do not rely on first impressions, as is often the presets in this kind of Bécanne do not always reveal the full potential. A closer listen Lots of banks of all sounds, I spotted some very interresting, the strokes, I am served as the basis for reworking the sounds and determine them together, the potential of synthesis.
My JV has maps Tekno, Asia, Pop and soon FX, and we must admit that Roland has played the hits, in the sense that customizing a JV will be based on maps that are associated, and then things get evidence.
The example is to just modify PCM originally intended to sound, for those of SRJV! transpose certain groups of effects from one patch to an other with some minor ...
In recent weeks I program on the JV, and although I must say that I managed to fine things, sounds alive and expressive!
The engine 32KHz often compared to that of JD990, is still accommodates some type of sound, with some advantages, I think the challenge is against this carrer-"default" in quality, and this is achieved.
Having also the JD990, at filter it seems a bit more powerful than that of JV2080, but it excellent to LFO, or quasiement is enabled.
The sound editing is very similar on both machines, the appointment is effective in both cases but each in his field knew I can say. I did not even attempt to reproduce sounds programmed on my JD990 to compare the JV, it has no interest, however you have to play on the combination of both, then this is good!


To be honest I have not bought this expander for piano sounds, there are a lot better for that, but for lush pads, fx, the synthesizers, and although there is room. SRJV cards are crucial, internal pcm represent a minimum it must quickly improve even though their presence is still needed to refine a patch. This expander will suffice to himself? I'm not sure, but surrounded by other modules / synths, it will be remarkable!
Avoid plug and play with this kind of instrument, is not really rewarding for both the musician and the expander has to be input!

I almost bought this on a JV head shots, it beautifully complements my JD900 among others, its polyphony allows trouble-free patch to the four tones, and the performance mode with three separate EFX keeps its patches with their effects.
Contrary to that is sometimes said, the JV2080 sounds very good if properly programmed.