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User Review

I thought about sending it back to Germany after one hour of use - Reviews Waldorf Streichfett

Value For Money : Excellent
No special remarks in this section, except that it's great that it's USB powered, but you don't have the possibility to connect a pedal to vary an effect or a filter, it has only the bare minimum to offer a rock-bottom price.


Does it have user's manual? Okay, it isn't necessary, since the device is simple and self-explanatory and there's that quickstart guide, but I like to read and reread why things are the way they are, I like that someone explains to me the whole process, the types of waveforms, even though I did recognize the squares (or maybe I read it in a review), with pictures, names, diagrams, references. I'm a fan of the Microbrute manual, in fact.
And if someone knows how to find the software bundled with it, which isn't inside the box, and doesn't seem to want to install on a Mac after trying to download it from the Waldorf site, the perfect opportunity to confirm the firmware version, although the update seems to have worked fine.


To repeat what has been said everywhere, this Streichfett IS NOT a Solina, not at all. Not really a Korg Delta nor an Omni. It sounds fat, it trickles, it's all over the place, pretty far from thin and ethereal sounds, although, at the same time, that's what's expected from a string machine. Once again, it's a style of its own, you need to get used to it. I wanted all vintage machines on the market inside a portable box, for $250, but the Streichfett isn't that. Big expectations, big disappointment. I spent all day thinking about sending this useless product back to Germany. So, in a desperate act, I saw what other people have done ─ there's a very good demo on the waldorf site. Finally, I made it undergo the final test, reserved as a last resort before putting up the "for sale" sign and reselling it on AF: The review of my favorite effects, a good phaser, not the one on the machine, which isn't bad (yes, I know I'm really hard to please), and what had to happen happened: I spent an hour with it, doubling the strings of the song I'm currently writing. In the end, I'll keep it!


I've been using it since this morning. I'm passionate about strings machines and know quite a few of the most famous ones. Excellent value for money, obviously. I'm not sure that everybody will keep it, though. It has a particular sound and it won't replace your favorite strings machine. There will be lots available secondhand on AF, who needs such a sound? Or maybe a new music wave will adopt it. It's nevertheless something you should try, the machine sounds really good. I spent several hours telling myself that with a couple of oscillators I would be able to achieve the same result...But failed! In my opinion, the guys at Waldorf did a great job with the sound sources, when you see that an oscillator sells for the same price as this machine in Eurorack format...