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Roland D-50

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Roland D50 - LFO Stirngs
Roland D50 - CS80 Brass Strng
Roland D50 - Eminent Strings
Roland D50 - Unstable

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By davardennes, 23/02/2014
Everything has already been said, but hey, I'll do his portrait for fun lol!
Roland D50 ==> still buried some legendary bike by its "warmth and grain" synth!
THE synthesis (or "Linear Arithmetic" - forms of PCM samples mixed with analog wave).
Year of manufacture 1987
Keyboard 5 octave velocity sensitive and aftertouch, pitch bend a wheel also used for modulation.
16 voice polyphony, 4 part (Each patch consists of two tones, "Upper" and "Lower", each of which is itself composed of two partial).
64 presets + 64 presets card (optional)
Chorus + reverb effects, and a small joystick that allows change the value of parameters and also playing on the balance between the two voices each and every one of their partial.
It has connectors Midi In / Out / Thru, two stereo outputs (one for each voice), a headphone jack as well as sustain pedal and expression.


Manuel found on the net, easy to use, but against for editing is a different story! LA is a study in itself, there are fortunately some tutorials on the net, but I'm always looking for a good book that I have to say will help me.
Once the principle of LA + - + even if you want to ease editing your sounds, you can still find PG1000 (midi controller D50 and D550) but sold at prices ridiculously high, so point D50 owners finally ended up turning to PC-based editing programs, which is not to the advantage of those who offer for sale and thought PG1000 hold "the" treasure of the century! !
(I've seen some ads PG1000-old + 1 year, and the price tends to go down a little in some)! personal if I wanted to "really" a PG1000, maybe I will put 150 view € 200 but not more! Thank you for computing down to earth a few feet olibrius!
FYI, the Peavey PC1600 also control noon D50 honorably.


Well that sounds old, keep a certain charm to the nostalgic ("Fantasia", "Soundtrack", "Pizzagogo" or "Digital Native Dance", employees and re-re-re-employed by the artists of the time) However I think the D50 could have some fun young people who want to discover LA
Hargh yes the keyboard is a bit tired after decades (for the velocity of 0-100 but it will, but you can go from 100 to 127 deal with the club or jumping foot attached above)! against by the synth sounds great and expresses its potential when it is driven from a good master keyboard. I use it for a Cakewalk A800 Pro which has been modified (slightly weighted) and it is more sensitive to the aftertouch, and there is a real treat!


I've had + - 1 year, I always dreamed to have one.
some of its sounds are classic, others are a little squeaker, but when we go to edit is automatically another world!

between 200 and 300 € this is still a reasonable price, but no more.

I had a JD800 that has cast me (nothing like you tell me ..), but I much prefer the D50 it a inimitable grain and retains a certain charm despite age are! On the other hand it is a synth that has influenced a generation and who will delight nostalgic old teens! Some on an old classic car in their garage, me it is a D50 in my room, I, j'le guard j'le not sell lol!

roland d-50 i love you

By starfred, 23/01/2013
hello roland d-50 did nothing wrong!
it is perfect FUNCTIONING
purchased in 1989 til this day it is super
no breath-no misery quelquonque
knob and the two are glisier nikel
twelve o'clock the decision not to play as jack
and the display panel no worries either


very simple meme without pg1000 not need this thing


bonbe the meme as it still reserve sonnor especially with map
I pa decoder is two and a M256 and original card to recharge
his factory is because I have a little program in the past


If you are like me, ie purchased new in 1989 is a time 15000ff
good advice to KEEP & warm with a small blanket for
Protects from dust, mine is the inpécable as if I had bought

THE Synth ....

By Tin-Man, 05/09/2011
It is no longer the D50.
Not super easy to edit. A sound that makes the difference with other synths. Even those released since.
We have a D50 as it has a guitar that's fine. It separates rarely.

In addition, Sysex are easy to find on the net and the available sounds are really good. And very usable. Always.


Not easy to edit at first.

The manual is nickel


Sounds present + qq sounds found on the net and rolls ... Nimporte what type of music can find something.


I use it since its release (1987/1988)

The + + + = this synth is the sound (it's stupid for an answer but I found nothing ...)

This choice I would do without hesitation.

I cracked it is!

By Seith, 26/02/2011
synth keyboard 61 keys (not very long), light touch to a game very quickly
Stick multidirectional
pitch bend / modulation
for the edit drop the pg-1000 hard to find and expensive it is a very cool freeware editor
gestd50 ...
16 channels polyphony (I think)
minimal effects reverb / modulation


the config is not one bit simpler, everything is quite easily accessible unless the buttons become capricious
to edit gestd50 nickel
the manual? bof I never opened a while!


sounds appropriate to me, yeah, I'm old I grew up with the sounds of those old bikes in leitmotif throughout the hits of the "80/90", genes and other groups of that time have used this machine architecture not to mention jar, pressed to name the Frenchies, but also a lot of pop singers, Paul Young etc ....
effects are average but at the time we not all drowned in the sauce as now fx
I preferr pads and tablecloths and digital sounds
I do not like the flutes and the calliope, but it's the same on all machines


I've had it for 3 years young and I just buy (the midlife crisis)
I had lots of bikes from Yamaha Kurzweil via e-mu ... etc.
I will not tell Bobara saying that it is the bike of the century with a crazy sound!!
is a machine to crush and his athypique pechu but those who do not have the culture of his past would not join is not dreaming and there are better long ago. I'll store it next to a DX7 II fd like a trophy from time to time I insert it in a project as a nod to the past
this series of glorious synth Rolands father whose sound has long panel doors of the heritage of sound-50
quality price ratio is not important as sentimental
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  • Model:D-50
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