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Yamaha DX7

Digital Synthfrom the Yamaha DX series

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sonic75's review

By sonic75, 05/08/2014
All is said


Editing sounds with, for example, MidiQuest, it's easy! Biensure without soft and without aid it is much less fun ...


FM sounds, love it or hate it. Too often considered cold, metal, slap, but she had a good editor and patience can get beautiful tablecloths and almost trippy soft and warm "pads", not just the sound of bells or low 80s typed. The DX7 can even approach the grain called "analog" machines in the late 70's for a few leads or bass sounds like. At the time (80/90) was categorized for particular types of sounds and used in a certain style of music but now with soft publishers we discover that this synth has the belly and that can we get unexpected things!


Just a little personal accuracy, many people regret the absence of internal effects on the DX7, for my part I think it is an advantage as it can add any conceivable effects with a multi-quality effects ("Lexicon" eg). For the following versions (DX7 IID / FD) is dependent on what gives us the machine and with a lesser quality deal with various multi-effects racks.
A good chorus and a good reverb plastered DX7 MKI and it is pure bliss! Oh I forgot, this synth is virtually indestructible ...

Awesome dinosaur is not for everyone

By Will Zégal, 12/09/2012
- Monophonic and polyphonic digital synthesizer
- 5 octave keyboard with aftertouch
- Wheels pitch bend and modulation
- Inputs controlling breath and sustain pedal
- MIDI I / O
- Memory only 32 sounds (much more expansion cards with "DX Max" and "Super Max".
- Mono output only


Use side, it was really a two-sided coin:

one hand, the sound: it is a horror. Anything made by menus on a small LCD screen. And must control the FM synthesis, which is not small beer (but not Everest either).
Otherwise, there are publishers that make things PC. Warning: freeware does not work on OS necessarily recent. But you can use an old laptop running XP. It may also be used to store your sounds.

The other, the game There, it's all good. Unless your model has a keyboard rinsed, DX-7 keyboard is excellent. Very nice, very responsive, with aftertouch quite progressive. 's All good.
In addition, the input controlling breath provides great expressiveness.

Controlling a breath is a thing in which breath and sends a value to the synthesizer as a function of the breath. You can assign this value to its various parameters.


The sounds are very questionable ... and awesome.

If you are looking to make realistic sounds or sounds fat analog typed, go your way.

For cons, the DX-7 excels on its metallic percussion. Not only elsewhere, but this is where he is king. In this area, it has a inimitable, except by other synths (or virtual instruments) based on FM synthesis. They are not legion.

Default anyway DX-7 first version there is a significant blow to its output. This is not a problem with the powerful sounds, it can become with sounds very "light".


The DX-7 synthesizer is not for everyone. Read the negative reviews, they are quite accurate. Whenever rave reviews.

Basically, we love it or hate it. Both attitudes are equally legitimate.

A you know clearly what you want.

The big downsides are difficult to control synthesis and blast the output.
The big positives are the particular and inimitable strength at any given event and expressiveness. The DX-7 is also a good master keyboard, but beware: its speed is limited to 100, which may require going through a management software like MIDI MIDIOX to reach 127.

Note that there are expansion cards "DX Max" and "Super Max" that provide additional functions.
DX Max: 8 banks of 32 sounds and the ability to stack 4 oscillators to thicken the sound Detuner for chorus, etc..
Super Max brings more arpeggiator, eight additional banks, etc..

If you do not want em .. quiquiner with learning FM, know that there are thousands of presets for DX-7 easily findable and free on the net. Plenty to do and have fun, even if test many sounds to select favorites takes considerable time.

The DX-7 has undergone several changes. Besides versions rack, DX-7 II, DX-7 DX-7 IID and IIFD bring interesting developments, but are generally at prices that do not seem so interesting that the DX-7.

may buy again

By theaudioandvideoguy, 31/05/2012
This digital synth will provide you with the sounds that you need to spark your creativity anytime you start working on a new song. I remember using this synth back in 08, and I used it for about a year and loved every minute of it. It has all of the connections you need to get it in line with the rest of your gear to bring audio and data back and forth. At the time I was using this with a drum machine by boss and was able to come up with some pretty good tunes.


It will take some time to get use to just because it’s a different set up then most other digital synths. You will get the hang of it eventually and be well on your way with it. The manual was easy to understand as well, it wasn’t too thick of a book if I remember correctly and it was pretty too the point and not a lot of jibberish in it.


Sounds where good, seemed to have a lot of vintage type synths from many years ago, but I can say that is exactly what I was looking for at the time so if you arent into those type of synths then I wouldn’t consider getting the Yamaha DX 7 because it will be useless to you with those old synths. But you do have the option to manipulate all the sounds and edit the parameters to how you want them which will affect the sounds that come out.


Overall, great board and I remember having so much fun with it. I no longer have it but if I was to sit down with it today I still feel like I would know how to do everything. Its like riding a bike, you just don’t forget how to do it even if you get older. I may go out and get another one of these one day since they don’t cost that much and didn’t cost that much back then so I can only image what they are going for in todays music world. I will be on the look out for another one .


By xotox, 29/12/2011
Everything has been said about it.


Many people criticize this synthesizer because of its interface (it must be said that when he came out he was probably uncommon sense synthesizer knobs and a screen to create the sounds).

Personally I have always struggled with the creation of sound on a screen, to the point of never having sought to set up on my Korg N5 yet DX7 interface is so well damn it's a real pleasure for me to create sounds, it's almost like the Korg Poly800, we are left with a button for each parameter, we just press it and choose a value, it does not waste time searching the desired parameter on as a long list with Mopho example.


The sounds are excellent, really is unique compared to analog synths, it has great potential, we can make amazing sounds with this machine, the thing that really come out of the ordinary.


I use it for two years, I had several synths Advent one, but it is the first FM synthesizer that I had, I love his sound and interface are very well done, however it is unfortunate that the screen itself does not backlit (I fix it since I have) and that have a mono audio output.

I got it for 150 euros in excellent condition with a ROM cartridge, I think it's correct, I would not pay more, I could try it and the opportunity to buy it presented itself to me but I do not know this synth before.

I would buy their eyes closed but not more than 150 euros.
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