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User reviews on 0/10v Dimming Pack products

Good product (Elite - DMPX 405)

By Le_Chamois, 22/12/2012
, Unwanted product for almost 10 years no worries very good price / quality ratio

Very good (Acustica - Millenium LPU 1215)

By Spottypaul, 20/03/2012
Former model who was replaced by the D1215 - very handy for testing circuits with embedded cursors - encoding the DMX address easy with thumbwheel. the connection of outputs can be configured with either terminals, plugs 230V or Harting. (see

Ok, but the Chinese mid-range ... (Boost - 4C Dimmer DMX 4 Voies)

By Emmanuel Delahaye, 08/08/2011
Chinese-made device sold under various brands (Mac Mah, Tutelo Starway, Kool Light, American DJ etc..) I use two for a few months on tour. The operation is correct and has no major defects. The program addresses is very simple and the machine performed its function perfectly in DMX mode 4 channels with a DMX Starway.

on the other hand, one of the blocks began to sizzle during the last tour, and I had to remove the use of a channel. Then, during testing table, the block was put in short circuit, and fortunately I could lease a new one to finish the tour ...

It is likely that power component is released. I would see it return (not sure this is repaired ... it will have to find the right components, the pattern ...). Such incidents should not happen on professional equipment, but here was a cheap device cheap and made in China, anything can happen. It is therefore recommended to have a block in advance if something goes wrong (considering the price, it's possible). on the other hand, it obviously takes a little more room ...