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User Review

wamda's review - Samson Technologies PB11

Discovery of the PB11
It's decided, I took option for the famous PB11 (or PowerBrite). After first use out of the box that should be a bit beefier. A simple manual, a power cord IEC / Shucko and 4 IEC male / female. We also find two gels (red and violet) that will take place behind the logo backlit (blue is installed by default).

The PB11 (European version) has 10 IEC female and a male IEC socket for connection to the sector via the supplied cord. We would have preferred to have taken Shucko, but the number of shots would certainly have been reduced to 7 or 8. Very convenient access to the starter of the fluorescent tube for quick replacement.

From left to right are: a light switch to control lighting, a light switch to control the rear terminals 10, the locking drawer of the fluorescent tube, a 11th IEC socket continuously fed (not interrupted by the switch ) and finally a circuit breaker.

Tolerance is of good quality. Beautiful screen on top with the diagram of power circuit (just for fun ...). One point less from the beginning: the drawer lighting does not lock. Dismantling mandatory lock spring of poor quality, some tools and it is repaired.

One would expect a plant filter area for that price, but nay. Simple RC and varistor (even TechniLight ERS is equipped for about € 50). Hoping that the circuit breaker of 10A will play its role to protect sections of undersized wiring son (about 0.75 mm2). One wonders how this device can be in line when a section of at least 1.5 mm2 should have been used. Worse, 10 IEC welded in parallel and fed to end (if your home is ultimately EDF, you know the problems). Finally, nothing to say on the equipment lighting, a simple ballast, a starter, 2 sockets and a fluorescent tube 7W.

- A very nice lighting
- Adjustable notched a drawer
- Customization of the logo backlight
- Lifetime of the fluorescent tube increased compared to incandescent
- 11 taken
- 4 cords male / female IEC provided

The least
- Flimsy plastic drawer
- Insufficient wiring sections
- Electrical protection summary

Customizing the logo
Samson logo appearing before the drawer can be changed and replaced with your own logo. It will cost more than € 10 if you contact the company recommended by Samson. However, you can reduce the bill to pennies. Create your black and white logo with your favorite drawing software and print it on tracing paper, or better, a transparency if you have a laser printer. Guaranteed results!

Quality / price ratio
The PB11 is generally of good quality. However, at this price, the electrical protection could have benefited from a thermal-magnetic circuit breaker and differential high sensitivity. Moreover, it seems that this product is subject to strong margins, the prices recorded ranging from 130 to € 185 so far.

What to choose?
The PB11 is a flagship product, its strength being its fluorescent lighting and the class to customize the logo. If your savings do not allow it, you can opt for other products such as TechniLight of Europsonic. Of course, fluorescent lighting will not be at the rendezvous, but you will have the same protection with electric Shucko taken. on the other hand, you will be surprised that it does not fit into your site 1U 19 "because it is 5 mm more! Bad if your rack is equipped with standard fasteners Pull ...